Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cell phones lead to bone weakening

Mumbai Mirror - October 27, 2009

Wearing a cell phone on your belt may lead to decreased bone density in the area of the pelvis, a study in the September issue of The Journal of Craniofacial Surgery has revealed.

Dr Tolga Atay and colleagues of Suleyman Demirel University, Isparta, Turkey, measured bone density at the upper rims of the pelvis (iliac wings) in men who were mobile users and carried their phones on their belts. (The iliac wings are widely used source of bone for bone grafting, so any reduction in bone density may be of special importance to reconstructive surgery.) The results showed reduction in iliac wing bone density on the side where men carried their phones.
However, the researchers point out that the men were relatively young and that further bone weakening could occur within longer follow-up. The researchers believe that long term exposure to electromagnetic fields from cell phones could weaken the bone to such an extent that it could potentially affect the outcome of surgical procedures, which use bone grafts from that area. The results raise the possibility that bone density could be adversely affected by electromagnetic fields emitted from cell phones.
There is an urgent need for the development of new devices to absorb/reduce these radiation effects. Meanwhile, Dr. Atay and colleagues conclude: “It will be better to keep mobile phones as far as possible from our body during our daily lives”

Latest WHO study confirms brain cancer from prolonged cell phone use.

Times of India – October 25,2009

A recent international study by the World Health Organization found an increased risk of developing cancers in heavy users of cell phones. The landmark international study worth £20 million carried out research in 13 countries.The decade –long investigation overseen by the WHO says that heavy mobile phone users face a higher risk of developing brain tumors later in life. A preliminary breakdown of the results found a ‘significantly increased risk’ of some brain tumors ‘related to use of mobile phones for a period of 10 years or more. Several countries, notably France, have started strengthening warnings in this regard and American politicians are urgently investigating the risks.

The study found an increased risk of glioma (the most common brain tumor), with one finding a 39% increase and an increased risk of acoustic neuroma (a benign tumor of a nerve between the ear and the brain) reporting a higher risk after using mobiles for 10 years.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wilcom's coverage in ET NOW (TV Channel)

Catch the 'WILCOM' Story - an IIT Bombay incubated company founded by Prof. Girish Kumar, on ET NOW which went air on 20th October 2009. The show is called 'STARTING UP on ET Now', where they interview start up companies and explain their work and the challenges a start up goes through. Hope you guys like it!