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Are mobile phone towers a health hazard? - YES

Currently, there are more than 90 crore cell ...

Currently, there are more than 90 crore cell phone subscribers and over five lakh cell phone towers. Cell operators are allowed to transmit 20W of power per carrier from a single cell tower antenna. One operator may have four-six carrier frequencies and there may be two-four operators on the same roof top or tower. Thus, total transmitted power may be 100 to 400W. On May 31, 2011, WHO (World Health Organisation) reported, “The electromagnetic fields produced by mobile phones are classified by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) as possibly carcinogenic to humans (Class 2B)”. The Interphone study released in May 2010 reported 5,117 brain tumour cases and stated that people who use cell phones for 30 minutes per day over a duration of eight-ten, have doubled to quadrupled chances of getting brain tumour, and that's why it was classified as Class 2B. Use of cell phones is a personal choice, but what about people who live in the vicinity of cell towers? They are exposed to the radiation 24x7. Cell operators claim that tower radiation is less intense than the sun’s rays, but tower radiation is continuous and different in the way it impacts the body.

The Bio-Initiative Reports of 2007 and 2012 have proposed a safe radiation density of 1 milliWatt/m{+2} for outdoor, cumulative radiofrequency (RF) exposure and 0.1 milliWatt/m{+2} for indoor, cumulative RF exposure.

Adverse health effects occur within a few years of continuous exposure at 1 milliWatt/m{+2}. The most common complaints are: sleep disorder, headache, irritability, memory loss, depression, hearing loss, joint problems. More severe reactions include seizures, cardiovascular problems, miscarriage, irreversible infertility, and cancer.

An expert group formed by Environment Ministry, India, submitted its report in October 2011 on “Impacts of communication towers on Wildlife including Birds and Bees”. They cited 919 scientific/technical references and mentioned that 593 papers reported adverse effect, 130 papers reported no effect, and 196 papers reported inconclusive or neutral effect.

The people must convince policy makers to adopt stricter radiation norms of less than 1 milliWatt/m{+2}. This will compel the operators to reduce power transmitted to 1-2W. This will reduce the coverage range. The solution is to have more cell towers with lesser transmitted power. Each tower may cost Rs 15 lakh; so, if the number of towers is increased by 5 lakh, the additional cost will be Rs 75,000 crore. To save this cost, cell operators keep saying that there is no concrete evidence of health hazards. However, this cost can be recovered in three years by increasing per minute usage charges by just 5 paise, as mentioned in my report to the Telecom Secretary in December 2010.

(The author is Professor, Electrical Engineering, IIT Bombay.)
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RASRANG-Dainik Bhaskar - Cell Tower Radiation and Environment- Dec 2013

Aha Zindagi -August 2013

Tower distance violations irk activists

MUMBAI: A day after the BMC released a list of 3,618 "illegal" cell towers in the city, anti-radiation activists on Wednesday came out with their own list of irregularities. Major violations of the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) directions concerning distance between tower antennae and neighbouring buildings figured prominently on the list.
On a south Mumbai rooftop, activists found six antennae at just "seven metres" from a neighbouring building.
"The DoT norms stipulate that the distance of an antenna from a neighbouring building should be a minimum of 20 metres," activist Prakash Munshi said. "In case of two antennae, this should be 35 metres, and in case of six, it should be 55 metres."

A complaint was sent to the DoT. Munshi said most cell towers had antennae clusters, leading to high power output and increased radiation risks.
Activist A V Shenoy said bunching of antennae was a serious issue in a city with a high population density, citing the Haji Ali area as an example. "Every mobile company will claim that it has installed a single antenna on the rooftop, but if you look at it collectively, you will find that five different companies have installed their antennae on the same building and this increases the radiation levels for the neighbourhood," he said.
Corporator Vinod Shelar, who is spearheading a campaign against illegal towers, threatened a massive dharna outside the municipal commissioner's office if his demand for a cell tower policy was ignored.
He said he wanted the municipal commissioner to bring up the draft cell tower policy for discussion before the civic improvements committee in a week. "It should be discussed in the BMC House and a resolution should be passed to weed out illegal towers in Mumbai," he said.
Activist Nikhil Desai said a significant number of illegal towers were not covered under litigation. "Why isn't the BMC razing these?" he said. "It only shows that officials have some vested interests."
He said that those claiming that cell towers pose no health risk should be asked to stay in buildings close to the towers.
Cellular operators said most towers had DoT nods besides 10 to 12 other certifications. "The BMC should clarify what is illegal according to it and then take action," a Cellular Operators Association of India representative said.
* Only one tower should be allowed on every building
* Written consent of 70% of occupants as well as every person on topmost floor of the building mandatory
* Ban on cellphone towers at schools, colleges, hospitals, orphanages, child rehabilitation centres and old age homes
Cell towers: 4,776
Legal towers: 1,158
Illegal Towers: 3,618
(Source: BMC)


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Neha Kumar, founder, NESA, take up cudgels against radiation hazards

Neha Kumar from Mumbai developed solutions which can reduce radiation levels by 90-99% in the form of window film, curtains and wallpaper. Young and raing to go, Neha is determined to create awareness on the harmful effects of radiations

The adverse effects from electromagnetic radiation emitted from cell phone towers are no longer hidden. From headache, sleep disturbance to memory loss, hearing problems, the degree of health hazards rising from cell phone tower radiation can even move upto cancer, heart problems, neurodegenerative disorder, infertility, miscarriage, and many more.

Indian Government has not taken active measures to counter the effects of such radiation. It was only in the year 2008 that the government adopted radiation norms specified by International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) guidelines of 1998. However, ICNIRP guideline is outdated as it is only intended to protect the public against short term gross heating effects and not against ‘biological' effects.

Braving against such a critical issue is Neha Kumar. Based out of Mumbai, she transformed her research experience into an entrepreneurial venture to safeguard the society against such hazards. She founded Nesa Radiation Solutions (NESA stands for Non- Ionizing Electromagnetic Radiation Shielding Alternatives), which carries out radiation measurement and has cell tower radiation measurement products as well as several radiation shielding products.

How it all started?

It started on a personal note. Neha's father Prof Girish Kumar from IIT Bombay had been working in the field of Antennas and Microwaves for past 30 years and faced health problems in 2001, the cause of which was continuous exposure to electromagnetic radiation and he started working on it around that time.

After Neha finished her B Tech in Biotechnology from Anna University in 2009, she started studying the biological effects of cell phone/ tower radiation during which she also interacted with researchers, doctors, patients in India and abroad. "People living in nearby areas to towers started contacting us for measuring the radiation levels and we found a strong correlation between high radiation levels and health problems ranging from mild to even grave health problems-cases of miscarriage, infertility and cancer at levels much below the government guidelines," said Neha Kumar.

"People started asking us to develop a solution to the problem and we started working on that front. We also developed a simple, effective and low-cost radiation monitor which we named DETEX 189 to enable people to check levels from health point of view. With more awareness we could motivate the Government of India to bring down the radiation level to 450 from 4500 milliWatt (mW) per square meter. However, this is still way above the safe level of 0.1," added Neha.

NESA's technology and products

Neha developed three solutions which can reduce radiation levels by 90-99% in the form of window film, curtains and wallpaper. For detection, NESA came up with a low cost, simple and easy to use Cell Tower Radiation Detector, DETEX 189 based on the health recommendation for continuous exposure.

The technology works with an antenna behind each product that receives cellphone tower signals and converts it to heat energy, through an AC (alternating current) to DC (direct current) adapter. The heat generated is mild to the tune of 0.0001 degree centigrade which then dissipates into the environment. The curtains and wall papers can effectively block 95-99% of radiation and it is necessary for those living close to a mobile phone tower.

Customer Reception
In the last one year, NESA has clocked in revenues of `1 crore. "We are going to continue marketing our product through word of mouth and are looking at setting up a physical distribution chain," added Neha.

Funding Challenge

NESA was self funded with `5 lakh and have raised investment of `1 crore from its raw material vendor, Chirag Vadilal Savla, in exchange for 50% stake in the startup.

Days Ahead

Neha is constantly working on developing better products both efficiency wise as well as concerning aesthetics since these products are used in residences and offices. She is also working on mobile phone shielding and aprons for pregnant woman, quilts and shielding clothing for young and elderly.


A Detector that Informs About Radiation Levels Around You - DETEX 189

A Detector that Informs About Radiation Levels Around You - DETEX 189 - NESA Radiation Solutions Pvt Ltd. - Electronics for You Magazine - December 2013 Issue

Detex 189 Cell Phone Tower Radiation Detector aims to empower people to measure the cumulative radiation levels in their immediate environment in order to take precautions to minimise their exposure to it. Due to the lack of public awareness about the harmful effects of cell-phone tower radiation, Indians are unwillingly exposing themselves to serious health hazards.

Abhishek Mutha from EFY got in touch with Prof. Girish Kumar to learn more about his innovative product

BBC World News - Solution to shield yourself from Cell Tower Radiation

NESA Radiation Solutions coverage in BBC World News, Start Up Stories - Solution to shield yourself from Cell Tower Radiation

Appeared on 1 December 2013

In this section of start up stories, Neha Kumar, Director, NESA Radiation Solutions Pvt. Ltd. talks about her companies Radiation Meaurement service and Shielding Products along with her entrepreneurial experience.

She mentions that there is an immediate need for the government to reduce the radiation guidelines immediately to safeguard health of humans and environment.

YouTube link:

Protect Yourself From Cell Tower Radiation -

November 11, 2013

Cell phones have certainly changed our lives and made lot of our tasks easier and convenient. To meet the demands of growing cell phone subscribers in India, cellular operators are putting a large number of cell towers which puts us at risk of continuous exposure to radiation; the adverse effects of which are health problems such as headache, memory loss, genetic mutation, miscarriage, and cancer.

Unfortunately, the Central government does not restrict installation of towers on residential buildings, schools and hospitals. To avoid continuous exposure, you can either remove the cell tower or use shielding solutions.

In this  entrepreneur interview, Neha Kumar, Director at NESA Radiation Solutions Pvt. Ltd. explains how her unique household products and solutions help to shield individuals from cell tower radiation. While she is the sole entrepreneur working in this segment (in India), her startup is unique because it is social in nature and promising in terms of revenue generation

Q: How did you get started in shielding individuals from harmful radiation?

My father is a professor at IIT-Bombay, working in the radiation research field for the last 30 years. A few years ago, he developed health issues because of his continuous exposure to radiation as part of his job. That’s when both of us got thinking and eventually I set up NESA Radiation Solutions in 2011 on campus at IIT-Bombay.

Q: What is your background and how does it relate to your current assignment?
I’m a biotech graduate from Anna University in Chennai. Though I wanted to make a career in biotech but certain turn of events have made me pursue entrepreneurial opportunities.

Q: What does NESA stand for?

NESA stands for Non-Ionizing Electromagnetic Shielding Alternatives.

Q: What type of products do you offer at present?

We have two products at the moment – Cell tower radiation detector – DETEX 189 and Shielding solutions.

DETEX 189 is a radiation detector that measures radiation levels at a given spot in your premises (home or office) quickly and easily.

Our shielding solutions are designed to shield your house/office from harmful radiations! For this we offer fabric curtain, wallpaper, window film glass, personal shield as well as pregnancy apron. All these shielding solutions protect you from undesired cell phone and cell tower radiation.

Q: How do your products and shielding solutions operate?

DETEX 189 is a radiation detector and uses an antenna to receive cellphone tower signals and converts it to heat energy, through an AC to DC adapter. The heat generated during this process dissipates into the environment.

The shielding solutions are necessary for those living very close to a cell phone tower. Our curtains and wallpaper are able to block 95-99 percent of radiation.

Q: Who are your clients – individuals or corporations?

Our clientele includes large corporations, hotels, banks, schools & colleges as well as individuals and celebrities such as Juhi Chawla, Ekta Kapoor, and several others.

Q: What feedback have you received from the Indian Government and telecom companies?

In the early days, when I was creating awareness about how harmful cell tower radiation was, nobody took me seriously. The government finally gave us an ear after continuous follow-up, several studies linking health disorders to cell tower radiation and findings of a research report (BioInitiative 2012) by a team of 29 independent scientists and health experts.

I feel very happy to share with you that our efforts bore fruits and the Indian government brought down the permissible radiation limit from 4.5 watts per sq meter to 0.45 watts per sq meter.

Q: Are your products available throughout India?

We are a two year old startup and have offices only in Mumbai at the moment. However, we do undertake outstation orders. Anyone who wants to have their cell tower radiation measurement done for house/office/school/hospital premise, can contact us at +91 22 41241800 or +91 9619378318.

Q: Can you share your financial figures with us? And what are you doing to scale your startup?

Last fiscal, we clocked in revenues of Rs one crore. I’m not going to hurry while scaling my startup but we are working towards setting up a physical distribution chain as well as increasing our marketing efforts.

Q: Your solution is a life saver but does it have any limitations?

The solution is designed to shield your home and office but once you step outside, you are exposed to radiation. I won’t call it a limitation of my solution but I wish I could offer protection to individuals when they are outdoors and to birds and animals who absorb most EMF rays since they dwell outside.
About NESA Radiation Solutions: NESA is a startup whose core expertise is in the field of electromagnetic radiation measurement and making household products that act as shielding solutions from cell tower radiation. To learn more about them, visit

Shield Yourself From Cellphone Radiation - NESA Interview in - Oct 2013 issue

The adverse effects of mobile phone radiation on human health are no longer hidden. Cellphone radiation is known to cause cancer and genetic mutation over continued exposure.

Neha Kumar, Director, Nesa Radiation Solutions Pvt Ltd, in an interview with SMEntrepreneur elaborates on how she has undertaken a unique measure to shield individuals from cellphone tower radiation.

What are the kinds of health hazards that most urban dwellers are exposed to due to cellphone radiation?
There are two kinds of electromagnetic radiation emanating from mobile phones and towers. The thermal effects, which occur on holding the phone closely over a long period of time causes headache, sleep disturbance, memory loss, lack of concentration, tinnitus (ringing in the ears) along with increasing risk of brain cancer. Non-thermal effects relate to the damages that occur on the genes, cells and human DNA. Mobile towers present in the vicinity can cause such non-thermal effects including infertility, miscarriage, neurodegenerative disorders (Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, etc), heart problems and cancer.

What made you start to an initiative to shield individuals from this hazardous radiation?
After graduating, I started researching on the health impact of cellphone tower radiations and met people living close to these towers. We interacted with government officials, educational institutions, medical professionals and residential societies about potential problems that could be triggered by continued exposure to high levels of cellphone tower radiation.

Initially, we focussed on pushing the government to bring down norms but when people started asking us for solutions, we decided to develop shielding solutions. We developed three solutions in the form of window film, curtains and wallpaper that can reduce radiation levels by 90-99 per cent.

For detection, NESA came up with a low cost, simple and easy to use Cell Tower Radiation Detector, DETEX 189 based on the health recommendation for continuous exposure.

Are your products available on a pan-Indian scale?
We have our offices in Bhandup, Mumbai and Vashi in Navi Mumbai as of now and have been handling outstation orders from here. Our team visits other cities based on the number of enquires on regular intervals.

What is the mode of operation for your products?
Our technology works with an antenna behind each product that receives cellphone tower signals and converts it to heat energy, through an AC (alternating current) to DC (direct current) adapter. The heat generated is mild to the tune of 0.0001 degree centigrade which then dissipates into the environment.

The curtains and wall paper can effectively block 95-99 percent of radiation and it is necessary for those living close to a mobile phone tower.

What is your target market?
We target people living in close proximity (within 300 meters or more) to mobile phone towers where radiation levels are high.

Are you the sole entrepreneur who is working in this cellphone radiation shielding space or do you have potential competitors?
We are the only ones who are using absorptive technology for reducing radiation levels and our products have shielding effectiveness of 95-99 per cent. There are other companies abroad that also have shielding solutions.

How many products have you sold till date? What has been your turnover and growth rate?
In the last one year, the company has clocked in revenues of Rs one crore. We are going to continue marketing our product through word of mouth and are looking at setting up a physical distribution chain.

Who all have been on your investor list giving significant boost to your enterprise?
We self-funded NESA with Rs five lakh and have raised investment of Rs one crore from our raw material vendor, Chirag Vadilal Savla, in exchange for 50 per cent stake in the start up. Chirag has been involved in the furnishing business for past several years and is now a partner in the business. He also helps NESA with manufacturing at our unit in Vashi. He has played a big role in shaping our products and in improving the aesthetics of the products.

How has the Indian Government reacted to your shielding techniques?
We started creating awareness and wrote to several telecom and government officials to reduce the radiation norms. They were not ready to immediately look into this matter. It was only after continued research followed by positive feedback from user that we could motivate the Government of India to bring down the radiation level to 450 from 4500 milliWatt (mW) per square meter. However, this is still way above the safe level of 0.1.

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6 Cancer Deaths near Mobile Towers in Joynagar, Kolkata

6 cancer deaths and 3 more patients under treatment in Joynagar, Kolkata. At all these places towers were very close and visible from their residence. - On checking with DETEX, readings were found to be high from health point of view.

Joynagar (West Bengal, India) mobile tower radiation record
(According to local information, six cancer patient died near this tower and three more patients are on treatment)
[Measured on 17th November, 2013 (Sunday) during 10:30 hrs to 1:00 hrs]
Used device: Detex 189 radiation detector (Made in India, approved by IIT Bombay)
Detected power at different star marked points on the map: (Refer Table 1 for absolute power density)
1. Red (Red+Yellow+Green stable on detector): > -10 dBm
2. Yellow(Yellow+Green stable on detector): -10 dBm to -20 dBm
3. Blue (Yellow blink on detector): -20 dBm to -30 dBm
4. Green (Green stable on detector): <-30 dbm="" font="">

1. Three BTS are installed and two generators are found. Notice regarding Non-ionizing radiation
2. Tower antennas are visible from all points marked with yellow and red
3. In the houses of two died cancer patient radiation level was within -10 dBm to -20 dBm

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It’s time to stop sweeping the facts under the carpet

Guest Coloumn by Prof. Girish Kumar, IIT Bombay

13 Oct 2013 - Hindustan Times (Mumbai)- Page 4


We need mobile phones. There is no doubt about that. And mobile phones cannot work without mobile phone signal towers.

But that does not mean that we should allow the indiscriminate installation of towers across our residential spaces, without questioning whether their design and distribution has been planned keeping our health and wellbeing in mind — or that of the service providers’ balance sheet.

Why, for instance, have cellphone service providers been allowed to create towers that emit a signal out across larger and larger distances — when this has been found to be more harmful to the health of local residents, and only helps them reduce operating costs?

Why have they not been forced each with a reduced intensity and thereby a reduced impact on the health of local residents?
While this would admittedly cost a lot of money, that surely cannot excuse trapping innocent people within the range of harmful radiation against their will and knowledge.

Around the world, in fact, signal strength is determined not by profit margins but by the effect it has been found to have on the health of local residents. And around the world, the solution has been the same — towers of lower signal strength, distributed over large areas rather than concentrated on a single area, street or building.

Without adequate monitoring, this is a problem that could grow rapidly out of hand.

Already, there are more than 900 million mobile phone subscribers and about 5 lakh mobile phone towers in the country.
What norms we follow when it comes to the installation of these towers are based on the ICNIRP ( International Commission on Non- Ionising Radiation Protection) Guidelines framed been questioned by experts around the world.

Meanwhile, an InterMinisterial Committee (IMC) report released in January 2011 listed several health hazards caused by the radiation emitted by mobile phone towers — included two Bio-Initiative Reports released by teams of scientists gathered from around the world, proposing safe radiation levels for these towers — have been trashed by the industry concerned and ignored by the authorities reports published in prestigious international journals. Why have they not been taken seriously?

Meanwhile, those of us who live near these powerful mobile phone signal towers are increasingly complaining of sleep disorders, headaches, irritability, lack of concentration problems, memory loss, depression, hearing loss and joint problems. More severe reactions include seizures, paralysis, miscarriages, irreversible infertility, and cancer. Children and pre gnant women have been found to be most vulnerable.

Apart from humans, mobile phone tower radiation also and the environment. The yield of fruit-bearing trees near such towers has been found to drop.

And cellphone service providers continue to insist that there is no concrete evidence of health hazards.
It’s the same thing we saw Big Tobacco do for years, and the alcohol lobbies. Lives were lost as governments found themselves torn between the abstract good of health and well-being and the more concrete lure of hard profit.

This time, we must not wait that long. We must not let the facts be mangled and the hard evidence swept under the carpet.
If we all put our foot down and insist that we will allow mobile phone towers on our buildings only if the intensity of the radiation is lowered, then the operators will have to comply.

The time has come for us to choose between health and wealth, and live with the outcome of those choices.

Prof. Girish Kumar's 2nd Newsletter on Cell Tower Radiation Hazards and Solutions - Sept - Oct 2013

Prof. Girish Kumar's 2nd Newsletter on Cell Tower Radiation Hazards and Solutions - Sept - Oct 2013


# Juhi Chawla's SMS on cell phone radiation
# Guidelines by Government (DOT) not sufficient to protect people
# What cell operators and their representative say
# Predicted exponential growth in health hazards
# ICNIRP Funding - Questioned by large number of people
# Precautions to reduce exposure from mobile phones
# Cell Tower Radiation Readings - Radiation Scale

Prof. Girish Kumar's 2nd Newsletter on Cell Tower Radiation Hazards and Solutions - Sept - Oct 2013 by Neha Kumar

IIT Professors call cell tower rules safe - DARK MONDAY of IIT

From: Prof. Girish Kumar
Subject: IIT professors call cell tower rules safe - DARK MONDAY of IIT

Dear All,

Saw the Times of India coverage on Sep. 23, 2013, Page 5, which says: IIT professors call cell tower rules safe, doctors advise caution

I have attached the names of the IIT profs. and their report at - At the end of the report, they have themselves admitted that many faculty members are working on the cell operators sponsored project. Itincludes names of 3 profs. of IIT Bombay.

It is most shocking news for me and probably the darkest day in the history of IIT. We will probably have to declare DARK MONDAY of IIT

I have recd. comments from the people, which I have reproduced belowwithout their names.

Comment 1

Good Morning Sir,This will be really a dark day for all of us. Its quiet surprising to see bias stand on the issue. Doctors are true and even your studies have proven that how adverse effectsmight be of radiation to all. Lets us all get to the root of this and see what exactly is happening??

Keep me posted. Please feel free to ask me if any help needed.

Comment 2

Today's Times reports that 25 professors and research workers mainly from various IITs have written an open letter to Union Ministry of Telecommunications and IT thatpresent cell tower radiation norms are safest and that there is no need to change them !!

It is surprising that these professors have suddenly woken up to write an unsolicited open letter to the govt. Obviously they have written at the behest of cell phonecompanies and their lobby. They must have been handsomely paid for their 'consultancy services' by the telephone companies.

Comment 3

Dear Prof.Girish Kumar,It is indeed shocking! I think the script of USA model of doing business i.e. Only Profit , is being played out here in India to the T. You must have seen in the DVD (referring to Full Signal movie), how biilions were paid to both the parties in USA . ANY WAY THIS SHOULD SPUR THE ACTVISTS LIKE US TO MAKE MORE DETERMINED EFFORTS TO ENLIGHTEN THE PEOPLE AT LARGE.with regards,

Comment 4

Dear Prof Girish , Many thanks for the update . I can only pity these so called learned professors , who might have lengthy and impressive degrees plus tons of bookish knowledge . I was not aware that they are also qualified doctors ,endocrinologists ,cardiologists as well !!

If they are sincere and honest ,before publishing grossly misleading reports they should , personally

A ) Interview the families of several law abiding citizens , whose close family members have either died of cancer or are suffering severe symptoms related to electro magnetic sensitivity
B ) Subject themselves daily to exposure from cell phone towers for periods of two hours or more, particularly inside Lifts, cars, Buses, public places .
C) Allow Cigarette smokers to merrily puff away and blow the cigarette smoke right into their faces , as and when they please , without any restriction
D) Stand on the open terrace of buildings right below and in front of cell phone towers, continously at least for an hour .

Are they ready to accept these simple challenges ? I don't think so . How does it matter to them ? Perhaps they, their family members and friends are all Supermen and Superwomen from an other planet .

Please ,please learned professors , before you open your mouths and mislead the common man , do your home work properly ! You have a great moral responsibility. Remember History and our future generations will damn you when its ultimately discovered that you have been spread false misleading info .

I am an ordinary citizen of India , and not a specialist or activist. However I do not wish the common folk of India to be misled into a false sense of safety. I am willing to change my opinion if these learned professors can conduct detailed objective studies using proper instruments , consult specialist doctors, examine medical reports of victims etc and share their finding with all of us ,in an unbiased manner.

With regards.

Girish Kumar
Professor, Electrical Engineering Department
I.I.T. Bombay, Powai, Mumbai - 400076, INDIA
Tel. - (022) 2576 7436, Fax - (022) 2572 3707
Blog -

IIT Professors call cell tower rules safe - DARK MONDAY of IIT by Neha Kumar

State mobile tower draft overrules BMC norms, resident's consent not mandatory

Very unfortunate: State mobile tower draft overrules BMC norms, resident's consent not mandatory - TOI 12th Oct 2013

>Two tower per building not included in State Government Policy.
>70% resident consent not included in State Government Policy.
> State Policy of no benefit to common people.

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National Conference Organized by Institute of Chartered Accountants of India - Cell Tower Radiation Hazards - August 3, 2013, Mumbai.

 National Conference on Co-Operative Societies, Trusts, Organized by Institute of Chartered Accountants of India in Mumbai on August 3, 2013, Mumbai.

Ms. Neha Kumar gave a lecture on Cell phone/tower radiation hazards followed by  interaction with Prof. Girish Kumar, IIT Bombay and Neha Kumar with more than 400 CAs from various parts of the country.

Presentation and  first issue of Prof. Girish Kumar's Newsletter on Cell Tower Radiation Hazards are included in their proceedings. Pg 48-70

Proceedings available at:

Event Schedule

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Mobile Tower Radiation Health and Hazards -Gobar Times -Magazine

Tug of Tower Wars

The battle lines are drawn – cell phone towers: cancer causing or crucial for communication! On one side, weighing in on the matter since 1990s are field experts, medical professionals and scientists, and on the challenging side, making mobile networks possible are cellular network operators and skeptical consumers. Whose side are you on?

**What is ICNIRP?
 International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) is a WHO-recognized, non-governmental organization of independent scientific experts working on uncovering the possible health effects of non-ionising radiation.

 *What is EM radiation?
 Electromagnetic radiations are invisible to the human eye and exist everywhere in nature. Light is an example of naturally occurring EM radiation. Electric and magnetic fields, radiofrequency and infrared radiation are all part of the spectrum of electromagnetic radiation. All electrical appliances produce extremely low frequency (ELF) fields while all communication and transmission devices produce radiofrequency (RF) fields.

 What is power density?
 Power density or volume power density is the amount of power or energy transferred per unit volume of the transmitting medium.


Mobile Phones and Children

Children should limit their usage of mobile phones!

Let us see why is this a cause of concern:

Talking on mobile phones for long hours can result in Headache, Sleep Disturbance, skin problems, Concentration and Memory issues. Prolonged exposure can also result in hearing loss, tinnitus, neurological disorders and even cancer in the brain, salivary gland (mouth) or acoustic neuroma (ear).

Children are more vulnerable as their:
  • Skulls are thinner and still developing due which there is deeper radiation penetration.Children’s cells reproduce more quickly than adults hence they are more susceptible to genetic damage.
  • There immune system is not as well developed as adults hence are less effective against fighting cancer growth
  • Children have longer life time exposure.
The radiation penetrates the skull of an adult (25%), 10 year old (50%) and a 5 year old (75%).

The younger the child, the deeper is the penetration due to the fact that their skulls are thinner and still developing. For these reasons it is critical that children under the age of 16 use cell phones only for short essential calls as they have much bigger danger of developing health problems and getting a brain tumor.

Even Mobile phone user manuals carry warnings saying -
  • Reduce the amount of time spent on calls
  • Maintain at least 15 mm to 25mm separation between phone and the body.Keep device away for abdomen of pregnant woman and lower abdomen of teenagers
The Russian National Committee on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection says that use of the phones by both pregnant women and children should be "limited". It concludes that children who talk on the handsets are likely to suffer from "disruption of memory, decline of attention, diminishing learning and cognitive abilities, increased irritability" in the short term, and that long-term hazards include "depressive syndrome" and "degeneration of the nervous structures of the brain".

Warning from Blackberry and iPhone can be seen at:

Are Cell Phone Injurious to Health - Popular Science Magazine

Are Cell Phone Injurious to Health? - Popular Science Magazine - September 2011
While the cell has become an additional appendage for most of us, all this, of course, doe not mean that we stop using cell phones. Just to ensure you take precautions:
  • Limit your use
  • Talk for short durations
  • If possible, use SMS
  • Use cell phones with lower SAR value
  • Use the speakerphone or wired hands free or Bluetooth, but keep the cell phone at a distance of at least 12 inches from your body
  • Use the land-line, when available
  • Do not keep cell phones in your hand/pocket for long.
  • At home/office, keep the phone away from you.
  • Switch off mobile data package when not in use as it transmits for frequently.
  • While giving the phone to young kids for playing games, keep the phone on Airplane mode to minimize unnecessary exposure


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Cell Phone/ Tower Radiation Hazards and Solutions - Prof. Girish Kumar's Newsletter - July- August 2013

Cell Phone/Tower Radiation Hazards and Solutions

Newsletter, Bi-Monthly; Volume 1, July-August 2013
by Prof. Girish Kumar, IIT Bombay

"Cell phone industry may not admit that there are harmful effects just like cigarette industry. People have to unite to convince policy makers to adopt stricter radiation norms to protect people, birds, animals, trees, plants and environment".
Prof. Girih Kumar
Electrical Engineering Department, IIT Bombay

This newsletter is a repository of news and information on radiation, particularly from cell towers.

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Entrepreneur India - Nesa Radiation Solutions - June 2013

Entrepreneur India - Nesa Radiation Solutions - June 2013

FIGHT THAT WAVE - Concerned about cellphone tower radiation? NESA Radiation Solutions is here to help

NESA Radiation Solutions has found a way to protect its customers from cellphone tower radiation

Neha Kumar shares a piece of data to give an idea of the problem she is tackling. The government regulation for the permissible levels of radiation from cellphone towers is the same as the amount of radiation a human body would absorb if it were kept inside a microwave oven for 19 minutes every day. Neha’s father, Girish Kumar, a professor at IIT-Bombay has worked on antenna technology and radiation related research for the last 30 years. A few years ago he developed health problems. “This was because of continued exposure to radiation as part of his work,” Kumar, 25, says. This got the duo thinking.

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Monday, June 24, 2013


In the wake of health risk posed by mobile phone towers, the Noida Authority has decided to relocate all such antennas from residential areas of the city. The authority will identify locations in isolated places — far from residential colonies — where they will be relocated.
There are over 300 such towers that need to be relocated. The recent move of the authority has been initiated after court's direction to allocate mobile towers at isolated locations rather than sealing them.

The officials of the Noida Authority said that earlier they had planned to seal illegal towers, but they are working now on the guidelines of Allahabad High Court, which has ordered to shift all such towers from residential sectors to other places.

"We have ordered the officials to conduct a detailed survey and figure out alternate locations so we could ask mobile tower operators to shift their existing towers to those places. We have also ordered to get rid of the towers from institutional and hospital structures with immediate effect and shift them to other places," said PK Agarwal, Additional CEO of Noida Authority.

In a meeting of senior officials of the Noida Authority recently, the officials planned to shift these towers either to community centers at various sectors or at sparse places so radiation from these towers could not affect the local people.

The officials also decided to stop mobile tower operators from installing more towers in residential areas as city already has around 600 mobile towers for the population of seven lakh. During the meeting, it was also planned to eliminate towers installed atop hospital and institutional buildings.

According to the survey conducted by the Noida authority and city police last year, it was found that out of 600 mobile towers, 300 towers were illegally installed on the roofs of residential units. Twenty per cent of the towers have been illegally installed over institutional and hospital buildings.

In a 2010 sealing drive initiated by the authority, 200 towers were sealed from residential areas.  Meanwhile, the Federation of Noida Residents Welfare Association (FoNRWA) has also written to Noida authority seeking removal of mobile towers from the roofs of residential units.

“As residents are suffering from various health disorders due to high radiation from these towers, we have urged the competent authority to take penal action against the companies responsible for their wrongdoing,” said NP Singh, president of FoNRWA.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Round Table conference in Delhi on 28th May 2013

Based on the Round Table conference in Delhi on 28th May 2013, following coverage appeared in Rajasthan Patrika - Jaipur 29-05-013 Page 12

Rajasthan Patrika - Jaipur 29-05-013 Page 12
The meeting was organized by Telecom User Group (TUG) with the aim to invite public, government officials and industry to derive solution to the Cell Tower Radiation problem that has been of concern to everyone these days and resolve the issue.

At the meeting were Mr. Sudhir Kasliwal from Jaipur who flew down to Delhi to share the unfortunate incident his family has gone through. Two of his brothers have been diagnosed with brain tumour and one of them died last year. Also his dog died due to cancer last year. He mentioned that now that the towers have been switched off post their battle with the operators and regulators, birds and bees have started coming in and around his surrounding area.

Another gentleman from Defense Colony faced similar grievance and was diagnosed with brain tumour.

Prof. K C Gandhi from Mayur Vihar talked about four cancer cases in his colony and mentioned that there were over 8 mobile towers in the vicinity.

Mr. Sudhir Pal whose mother has been suffering from constant dizziness and sister lost her baby twice due to miscarriage informed that their doctor also held the mobile towers near his house responsible for this unfortunate situation.

Prof. Girish Kumar from IIT Bombay was also present and shared some scientific facts with the audience.

In spite of several people coming forward and sharing their stories, the industry representatives maintained that Cell Tower Radiation does not cause any health problem.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Residents say DoT guidelines ignore their suggestions

May 28, 2013: South Mumbai residents have written a strongly-worded letter to minister of state for communications and IT and shipping Milind Deora claiming the department of telecommunications (DoT) ignored opinions of citizens in setting new guidelines for installation of mobile towers. The guidelines come into effect on June 1.

"We are surprised to see the document (guidelines) on DoT website hidden under 'a journey for EMF'. Nothing (suggestions given by citizens in Mumbai) has been considered while reframing or revising the guidelines discussed by DoT with operators. We request DoT to consider the opinion of citizen groups before implementing the guidelines. Please delay the implementation till we are also heard," says a letter dated May 26 signed by Prakash Munshi and actress Juhi Chawla on behalf of Indians for Safe Environments.

It says the guidelines must be implemented with retrospective effect covering all old mobile towers/antennae.

The citizens have submitted a slew of recommendations, including ban on clusters of antennae installed on rooftops and sidewalls of buildings.

The letter says the guidelines are silent on the safe height at which two antennae should be installed on tripod towers of building rooftops.

"There should be a ban on installation of mobile tower antennae at a height lower than a neighbouring building, irrespective of the distance between the two buildings."

The letter also questions a revision in the guidelines which specifies safe distance from neighbouring buildings

The DoT guidelines say there should be no building in front of an antenna till 20 metres.

Similarly, if there are six antennae in one direction, there should be no building or structure in front up to 55 metres. For four antennae, the safe distance specified is 45 metres and it is 35 metres for two antennae.

"The table of safe distance has been tweaked twice in the last two months. Why has the 20-metre safe distance been included for one antenna and what is the basis for arriving at these distances? This exercise of tweaking the guidelines of September 1, 2012, twice in a month is highly objectionable and motives need to be explained to the standing committee of parliament and Supreme Court where a hearing on in a Rajasthan High Court case."

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Round Table Discussion on Mobile Tower Health Hazard at Delhi on May 28, 2013

A Round Table Discussion on “Mobile Tower Health Hazard; what Corrective Measures taken in Public Interest” will be taking place in New Delhi on May 28, 2013. Prof. Girish Kumar from IIT Bombay will also be coming to give a talk.

Venue: Seminar Hall No. 1 India International Center, Max Muller Road (Lodi Road), New Delhi
Date: 28 May 2013 at 3.00 PM

The RTD will invite participation Senior Official from DOT, TRAI, COAI, AUSPI, TAIPA, MCD/NDMA, ICMR and members from civil society, legal fraternity, academia, health groups and manufacturer.

Kindly make it convenient to attend so that you can share your views at the event.

To confirm your participation, please contact:

Mr. Anil Prakash
Telecom Users Group of India
Mobile +91-98111 55846,
Tel: +91-11-2575 7128
email. ,

Kindly forward to your known people who would like to attend.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Coverage in Israel - Several cancer cases - May 5, 2013

Following has been translated to English -

"Machine gun on the roof": antennas on the roof, the neighbors die from cancer

No less than 17 people living next door to a number of buildings in a street in Kiryat Haim, were or had died from cancer in recent years. Residents claim that all stems from nine cellular antennas stands over a Mapam nearby. Neighbors: "We will fight even at the jail, at least we survive"

Living on the roof of a house in Kiryat Haim Western Mapam were eight years ago cellular antennas. now no longer clear how many antennas there, because all of them were covered with a sheet of tin. from the street it looks like another floor was added to the structure.

H's mother lives close to Mapam, probably too close. When he learned last week that she has a brain tumor, his world turned upside down. Their father is already lost as a result of cancer, and the family around the house this terrible disease has become a regular guest, every Once in another neighborhood. Overall we counted 17 cases, and it is probably only a partial figure, relying only on the people who talk about it. statistical conclusion you can draw your own.

Tenant cancer patient:'' I ate it, but there are children here, shame on them'' Illustration photo: Flash 90

"At first there were antenna or two," says H.. "Over the years added more and more. Has there now at least nine antennas, but you never know exactly how that covered them. Lots of neighbors around the hospital all kinds of diseases but Our main concern is cancer. Dad died of cancer and my mother is now in a hospital and they really not alone here, it has really moved. "

How is it discovered?

"For a long time she was suffering from headaches. She was on medication and was going through it, but when nothing has been no help she herself told us: 'I have cancer in the head, now she is in the hospital. We are eight brothers and family very connected and it hit hard for us ".

H. speaks quietly and seems powerless. He spends a long time alongside his mother in the hospital, but formed in his heart a decision: "We decided now to go to war in this and we will not give up easily. Neighbor who lives on the floor above my mother died from the disease. Well at the Opposite died since, and next door a year suffer from this disease, which spread her whole body.

"We want to bring checks Mcsfino information that we do not believe anyone anymore. My brother is a lawyer and help in legal terms, we went to all the neighbors and do what is necessary, because no one else will do it for us. There are neighbors who want to burn the antenna but I do not want to break the law. "

"We're running out here"

Q's mother lives next door to eighth. Also is fighting cancer with all her strength, and she points finger: "I hundred percent sure there is a connection between these antennas and my disease," says S. weakly. "It's not just me I got sick, here's our neighbor died, the neighbor's son, a young man, sick. Now also another neighbor grabbed it."

What made ​​you think it antennas?

"What a professor one came to ask me questions in the hospital and she asked if antennas near the house and how I am close to Kishon and enterprises. This antenna is so great that there is no doubt that its fluorescence is strong. Anyone who rents them to the roof interested only in money. We slowly - slowly going and end here. neighbor occurred two years ago and within three months of being eaten and left. What are they waiting I do not understand. "

What would you like to happen?

"I want to lower the antennas. I ate it, as they say, but there's a lot of kids, a lot of young people, shame on them. Getting one silver and one gets cancer. It should not be that way. Impossible to continue like this.

"I suffer from lymphoma difficult. My immune system no longer exists, it is impossible to analyze. Every six months I get six rounds of chemotherapy to the immune system even survive. I most of the time at home. My situation is not good, I was in pain and I got to the point where I need to use medical marijuana to not suffer, I will never smoked a cigarette and now I smoke weed. well it lasted an hour and then back pains. "

What can you do against the antennas?

"I did not do the link in the beginning but I've seen many places people are fighting antennas these and it made me realize that, but I have no strength to walk and run and make war. I hope that now the younger generation cares about the area would make this war. Municipality do not mind people here, The government does not do anything and they only care about money. "

There you angry about the situation?

"I get angry sometimes., But what it will help me if I'm angry. Whether anyone would care of us used to come and remove the antennae of these, but if they do not fuss and mess nothing will happen. I think abandoning us here. Whether the municipality would not want to approve it was not confirmed., but apparently it worth it. "

"I ask every day when my turn"

S. retired recently. He is a man interested in environment and care about what happens. The danger of antennas is warned for a long time, but now he is broke and Segev funds to take action: "I ask myself every day, 'When's my turn?', Says S. angrily," With this situation, 17 people in all ill patients is so small, so I ask myself when my turn. But I'm not waiting in line, I will work against this if we can not do it legally then there is also disgusted illegally. But these antennas need to kick out. When I see this thing and 17 people are in front of me and disappear - no other choice. "

Yona Yahav. One of the residents: "I invite him to come and live here" Photo: Alex Rosekovsky

Are you sure antennae are the culprits in?

"Street cornflower was a block with 32 families, of which 20 people developed Alzheimer's. Tried to tell all kinds of stories that plants, tanks., But it's nearest building antennas placed near the gas station at the entrance to the street, and also that relative to other buildings, it is far tanks. Tanks are here has been for many years and the story began only after the antenna, so that will tell me stories. I do not believe tests done here, if at all. they then coordinate the test with the companies and they are preparing accordingly. I want to be present at the examination. I want to bring someone not connected not independent and did not coordinate with them and then find out the truth. "

You think the city should enlist help?

"We do not have a municipality. Yona Yahav handles Haifa beautiful but look where incoming stable. People here invest in their homes and buildings look pretty but outside trash can., But I prefer not clear to me and not to worry for anything but my cheeks, I want to live. I feel called We have here a machine gun on the roof of this building and shoot us all and no one responds. I invite him to come and live here.'s see what his reaction would be, or transfer the antenna near his house. Maybe then he will feel that it is attached to it. "

Why do you stay?

"The houses closest to the antenna leased. People do not want to live there. No problem to move but who are to be deported where good for me. I was born here in the complex and not throw me away. Few months ago wanted to put on the street Bussel antennas. Neighbors objected and the objection was made. Why They did and we did not? "

"Russian roulette games with us"

Perhaps there could antennae that were fought before?

"We warned and wrote letters before but nothing helped. Faces the municipality, we went there and we got stuck in the wall. Called Yona Yahav come and see how we live here. He arrived, but the opening of the beach proper, where investing and everything looks beautiful. Way was it attractive to come. appreciate our lives a dog's life in this country. I was born and raised here, I made an army, I did reserve, raised children here. has a family abroad, I can go but I do not want to. Why? For a scavenger for money selling my life?

"Even in Kiryat Bialik was a case set for antennas, but where the mayor intervened. Why not here, why? Because most people here are not interested and do not know to speak? They do not realize that when they ignore or speak they shoot themselves and their children. We die here, not only radiation but a lack of concern. question asked here is who's next. This 17 cases, four of whom died and that only those who speak and I know. has people who speak and closed within themselves. then Describe yourself how the picture looks real. "

Haifa Municipality. "Supports the position of the residents' Photo: Max Beilinson

So what do you do?

"I tell you very frankly. Unless something happens, and soon, I'm taking the law into their own hands. Then my life will end, then put me in jail but at least those who stay here enjoy. Pekiin name antenna, within half an hour got all the men of the village with ropes and knocked down the antenna and policemen were beaten there. did not matter who was where they would fight with him. they do not see a meter, they want to live with their mountain air.

"Here we want to breathe the sea but put us poison. Individuals are afraid to take action, instead of fearing for their life. Then if they enter with legal proceedings, they have the money and power to drag it on and on, and it would be another seven years and now people here are going . playing Russian roulette with us. "

Haifa Municipality: we fought against the antennas

Haifa Municipality said in response: "Haifa Municipality supports the position of the residents and is the only standing in front of the struggle to remove the antenna above the roof of the house: In 2009, the municipality issued a demolition order to the facility access, placed on the roof of the building. Cellular company waged a long legal battle against the municipality to cancel the order But the court ruled in 2010 that the order was lawful and destroy 'approach facility.

"In response to the court's ruling, the Company filed a request for the establishment of three 'bite' on the roof of the building. Establishment of antennas approved by the Commissioner of radiation levels at the Ministry of the Environment is the only competent professional authority on the subject. Despite the approval of the Ministry of Environmental Protection municipality refused to approve the establishment of the 'sting' and determined that there is no place to place a cellular antenna on the roof of a building in a residential neighborhood and find an alternate location for the establishment antenna. rejected this position in light of the local planning and building the company's request for a permit.

"Against this decision, the Company applied the appeals committee of the Ministry of Interior. Appeals Committee received in -10.6.2012 the appeal and ordered the local committee, issue a building permit without further delays.

"It should be noted that the Haifa Municipality has set a unique procedure whereby Israel is not satisfied with the position of the Ministry of Environment but takes any request to place the union reference antenna of Environmental Protection. Procedure was praised in the State Comptroller. Again, the application was forwarded to the Cities Association and representative Dr. Mona Naama municipality supported the establishment of the antenna resistance. This regard, the Appeals Committee determined: With all due respect to Dr. landscapes is not clear how the Commission can rely on local opinion when the position of the Officer, the competent authority to decide the matter, is different. "

Despite repeated requests by the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Environmental Protection, not received any response from them.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Doctors report 50% hearing loss among cellphone users

Times of India - May 13, 2013

MUMBAI: Excessive use of cellphones can cause the deadliest of health hazards among users, from hearing loss to neuro-endocrine disruption, hormonal imbalance and cancer.

Over the last decade, cellular phone usage has grown exponentially with the introduction of new communication systems and newer and smaller phone models. But it is a mark of how much people use cellphones these days, that doctors report as much as a 50% hearing loss among users.

Dr Divya Prabhat, ENT surgeon with Bhatia and Wadia hospitals, said he had been getting many patients who complain of pain in the ears and even hearing loss.

"The most common complaint is that after they hang up, the ears get hot. Many patients come with complaints of tinnitus, where there is a buzzing in the ears. This also results in irritability and lack of concentration," he said.

But the most serious ENT problem is hearing loss. "I recently got a 45-year-old patient who had 30% hearing loss in her right ear, as she would be on phone all the time. When I told her to talk on the phone with the left ear, three months later she came with a 50% hearing loss in the left ear," Dr Prab-hat said.

These are temporary threshold shifts, he said, meaning that these problems can be cured, when the habit is changed early. But if a person continues to use the phone excessively, it may turn into a permanent problem.

Prolonged cellphone radiation is said to cause cancer. In a study published in the Journal of the Association of Physicians of India in 2008, endocrinologist Dr Shashank Joshi, along with other doctors, had shown how electromagnetic rays from a cellphone cause neuro-endocrine disruption. "Apart from cancer caused by radiation, the cell phone culture increases sedentary work habits. It also reduces sleep time. This causes blood pressure, diabetes, and cardio-vascular diseases," said Dr Joshi.

Doctors say the gadget addiction also leads to hormonal imbalance. "Hormones like endocrine and melatonine are disrupted big time by excessive cell phone usage. There may be a discharge of negative hormones because of anticipation of a negative call. This tends to increase stress in a person," said Dr Joshi.
It is good, therefore, to decrease talking over the mobile phone, and use a landline or texting, said Dr Joshi.

New DoT guidelines allow mobile towers at all locations

New DoT guidelines allow mobile towers at all locations - (A disaster for common people)

Indian Express - May 11 2013

Service providers may soon be able to install mobile towers at any location, irrespective of land use. The department of telecommunications (DoT) has issued a new set of guidelines effective June 1 that run contrary to a BMC draft policy of last year that proposed banning new towers on hospital and school premises.
Minister of state for communications and IT and shipping Milind Deora said, "Since September 2012, the norms have been made 10 times more stringent. These are model guidelines, based on which we want all state governments, municipalities and panchayats to frame policies on structural safety and permits. We don't want municipalities or states to get into the health safety aspect as we have already formed a group to do an India-centric study. In model guidelines, we have given minimum space distance, we want states/municipalities to look at that. We also want them to focus on structural safety, stability, aesthetics and other issues."

Earlier this year, towers atop Lilavati Hospital in Mumbai were deactivated citing a 2010 BMC policy that did not permit such infrastructure on top of hospitals and schools.
Several resident associations in South Mumbai have been campaigning aggressively on the issue claiming radiation from towers atop buildings was affecting health of citizens.
A challenge to a Rajasthan High Court order to remove mobile phone towers near schools and hospitals is being heard in Supreme Court.

The DoT guidelines reiterate that telecom enforcement resource and monitoring (TERM) cells would deal with all radiation-related technical details.
As per the guidelines, telecom operators will have to establish that all general public areas where mobile towers have been installed are in safe electromagnetic field exposure limits at peak traffic time or adhere to safe distances specified.

"The revised guidelines are a welcome relief and result of continuous interaction between DoT, state governments and the industry. It moves in the right direction of allowing the industry to grow with appropriate safety standards in place. DoT has instructed all states to make regulations on a par with the guidelines. This way, the industry will not have to deal with different regulations on location of cellphone towers. Safety norms established by DoT are for everyone. Hence, the notion of excluding schools and hospitals is inappropriate," said Rajan Mathews, director general of Cellular Operators Association of India.