Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Radiating Slow Death

Based on the Report prepared, this article appeared in Mail Today, a Delhi-based newspaper of the India Today group on 3rd August 2009,
Radiation Slow Death

Biological effects of Electromagnetic Radiation

This report describes the various Biological effects of Electromagnetic radiation from Cell Phones, Cell phone towers, Wi-Fi, TV and FM towers, microwave ovens, etc on the human body and health of animals. It summarizes the various studies done in reputed institutions of US, Germany, Sweden, Australia etc. Also, several news reports on the same have been accounted. In addition, some advise tips for the use of these devices have been mentioned.
With the rapid advent in technology, avoidance of these radiations is almost close to impossible. It is due to this reason a solution, "Radiation Shield" has been invented by Prof. Girish Kumar of IIT Bombay, India to absorb the excess radiation emitted from these sources
Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation

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