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Mobile Tower: HC Notice To Centre On Woman’s Plea

Mobile Tower: HC Notice To Centre On Woman’s Plea

22 April 2013: The Delhi High Court on Monday sought the Centre’s response on a 70 year-old widow’s plea seeking Rs 50 lakh as compensation from authorities for allowing a cellular operator to install a mobile tower on the terrace of her house which caused health hazards to her young daughter.

Issuing a notice to the Union Health Ministry, a leading mobile service provider, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) and MCD, Justice Rajiv Shakdhar sought their replies by May 1 on the plea of Seeta Devi, a resident of East Chander Nagar. Filing the plea through counsel RS Bhatia, the woman said her 30-year-old daughter was diagnosed with cancer and despite her protest against installation of the mobile tower, the authorities allowed the private company to set up the tower on the terrace of her house in March last year and her daughter’s condition got aggravated due to the use of high frequency rays of the tower.

“The use of high frequency rays of the mobile tower is hazardous to the petitioner, her daughter (cancer patient) and also local residents as the concerned doctors who treated her daughter have advised that the mobile frequency is hazardous for the life of her daughter and till date, she has spent more than Rs 20 lakh for the treatment. Further, the mobile tower rays further deteriorated her daughter’s health day by day and the patient is on the last stage of her life,” the plea said. Seeking removal of the tower from her property, the petitioner also claimed a compensation of Rs 50 lakh.

The woman said there is a temple, a government school and also a community centre besides the marketing complex near to her house. Further, she claimed to have lodged a complaint with the DCP (East) in April last year but no action has been taken.

Radiation Shielding from Mobile Tower Radiations ( Electro Magnetic Radiations)

Radiation Shielding from Mobile Tower Radiations ( Electro Magnetic Radiations)

Cell Tower Radiation - coverage in Trivandrum

Sreethiru Mobile Technology Private Ltd, a Trivandrum based company promoted by Mr. Thiruvengada Ramanujam is joining hands with Prof. Girish Kumar, IIT Mumbai to promote and market radiation shielding products developed by Prof GirishKumar. The radiation shielding products are tested, approved and certified by the Antenna Lab IIT Bombay which is the major plus point for these products which itself is a great certification to prove the genuineness of the products and solutions as IIT is one of the most accredited institutions/organizations in the country. This is also a great relief to people who get cheated by companies offering fake radiation solutions.

The most common complaints reported as a result of mobile tower radiations are: concentration problems, memory loss, sleep disorder, headache, depression, irritability, hearing loss, joint problems, etc. More severe reactions include seizures, paralysis, miscarriage, irreversible infertility, and cancer. Children and pregnant ladies are more vulnerable.Cell phone industry is becoming another cigarette industry, which kept claiming that smoking is not harmful and now there are millions of people around the world who have suffered from smoking. In fact, cell phone/tower radiation is worse than smoking; as one cannot see it or smell it, and its effect on health is noted after a long period of exposure.There have been several clusters of cancer cases in Mumbai, where towers have been installed in the nearby buildings.

The Capacitive Matched Load Technology developed at IIT Bombay is capacitively coupled and strategically attached at various designated places on the product, will convert these absorbed radiations into heat energy. A built-in heat sink in the Capacitive Matched Load will spread this heat and hence no rise in temperature is experienced. The radiation shields are available in different formats like window curtain shield, wall paper shield, window film shield and personal shielding etc. Many more products will be launched in the future in the form of paints, bed sheets etc. Products to protect pregnant ladies against radiations (Pregnant Apron) will also be launched in the coming months. The Radiation shield can reduce radiations levels by 10dB (90% reduction in signal) to 20dB (99% reduction in signal) (shielding effectiveness from 800 MHZ to 4.0 GHZ). Any Commercial enquiry can be reached at the above mentioned contact number and email id. The pricing of the products will be affordable but at the same time good technology comes at a cost also. The cost will definitely come down based on volumes.

Prof. Girish Kumar has developed a radiation measurement product named Detex 189 to measure the radiation levels at a given spot in your home or office. It is a broadband instrument and accurately detects the cumulative radiation in the range of 800 MHZ to 4 GHZ which covers frequencies covered by most modern communication systems that are encountered in our day to day life (CDMA, GSM 900, GSM 1800, 3G, Wi-Fi/WLAN, Bluetooth frequency bands. It measures the radiation level in a room using multi colored LED lights that is Red, Yellow and Green. If the radiation level is high red color will blink and the blink will be steady if the intensity is more and the yellow color will blink if the radiation level is better than the radiation as per red color and the steadiness of the yellow color blink will depend again on the intensity of the radiation and it is safe if the blink is in the green color zone. This is to make it easy for common man to measure the radiation levels. The radiation level can be bought down using multiple products based on the intensity of the radiation. That is if the radiation level is red, it can be bought down to green using multiple products like window curtain shield, wall paper shield, window film shield and personal shielding also.

BMC proposal limits number of mobile towers on buildings

19 Nov, 2012

It may now be mandatory for mobile operators in Mumbai to secure consent from 70 percent of housing society residents before installing a cellphone tower on the building, reports The Times of India. The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has included this in its draft policy on cellphone towers along with several other guidelines.

The hazards of the radiation emitted by cellphone towers have been a topic of great debate in recent times. The Times of India report highlights that several residents have come up strongly against the managing committees in their housing societies over the installation of cell phone towers without their consent.

Municipal commissioner, Sitaram Kunte was quoted as saying, "We plan to make it mandatory for an operator to get 70 percent consent from the occupants of a housing society on which a mobile tower is proposed. Citizens' views must be considered before a tower is allowed on their building."

Kunte shared that the framework for this rule will be akin to that of any redevelopment or slum rehabilitation proposal, wherein 70 percent consent of the residents is sought before finalising the plan.

The proposal maintains that no more than two towers will be allowed to be installed on the terrace of a building. In order to proceed with the installation, a structural certificate will be required from a structural engineer with a BMC licence. The proposal itself came into being based on the instructions of the High Court.

The BMC has raised the mobile operator's deposit amount in the draft proposal. A senior civic official from the building proposal department was quoted as saying that the deposit amount will go up to Rs 50,000 from the earlier Rs 5,000. Some additions are being made to the draft policy based on the Department of Telecommunications’ (DoT) guidelines on mobile phone tower installations, which will be shown to the BMC. "There are a few clauses in the draft policy which will need the civic general body's ratification. We will soon table the policy before the body," Kunte added further.

Recently, new radiation norms were adopted by India, and the DoT had set September 1 as the deadline for the telecom operators to adhere to them. As per the new norms, the operators were mandated to reduce the radiation levels by one-tenth of the current levels, thus making them 0.9 watt/m2. Furthermore, it was announced that operators found flouting these rules would be heavily penalised.

Even in the absence of scientific data to determine the role of mobile towers in emitting harmful radiation, many are convinced that these towers are indeed death traps. Their belief is backed by instances that have been witnessed in the country -- be it the Kaiswal family from Jaipur where three family members were detected with cancer after the installation of mobile phone towers five metres away from their house, or the Usha Kiran building in Mumbai that cited three cases of brain tumour attributed to the mobile phone towers installed on the rooftop of an adjacent building. While some may shrug these off as mere coincidences, several housing societies have now come forward to protest against these towers.

According to an estimate, currently there are around five lakh mobile phone towers in India. And today, thanks to the ever increasing popularity of mobile phones, it’s imperative for the operators to install towers to provide coverage. This will further increase their number in the future. With lack of conclusive evidence about their safety or even their role in causing cancer, the common man is at crossroads, especially those living around these towers.

Ambani's tower in radiation tussle

Ambani's tower in radiation tussle

Mumbai, Nov. 27 -- Residents of a Cuffe Parade building have raised concerns about a mobile tower that has been installed inside the compound of the adjacent Sea Wind building, where Anil Ambani, the chairman of Reliance Communications Limited lives. While the residents have demanded the immediate removal of the tower from its current spot, officials from Reliance Communications Limited claimed they had sought all the requisite permissions before installing the tower and were not violating the government's prescribed norms for electromagnetic frequency (emf) radiation (450 milliwatts/square meter). The official added that that they could make minor alterations to the height of the tower without dismantling it, if necessary.

Located about 20 metres away from Sea Land, the complainants' building, the mobile tower's antennae are positioned such that they face the top floor residence of Mubina Issa, who said the radiations from the tower are posing several health risks for them.

"I am not safe in my own house. With the antennae of the mobile tower facing the drawing room and library, I cannot let my children go into these rooms at all," said Issa, who claimed that in the past, the Ambanis had promptly responded to all the concerns they had pointed out. "On account of continuous exposure, even other residents from building in the vicinity have complained about frequent headaches, lack of sleep, short-term memory loss, nervousness and skin rashes."
In a meeting organised for Sea Land residents and representatives of Reliance Communications Limited last week, the residents had demanded the removal of the mobile tower from its current position, citing radiation-induced health hazards.

Responding to their claim, a company official said: "We have sought the requisite permissions for the installation of the mobile tower from the concerned authorities. We have also taken detailed measurements of the radiations in Sea Land society, and found that they were well within the norms prescribed by the government."

Mobile Tower Radiation: Rajasthan High Court to hear petitions of victims

Mobile Tower Radiation: Rajasthan High Court to hear petitions of victims

Jaipur: Rajasthan High Court, by looking at the amount of torment a man has undergone due to mobile tower radiation, will now hear petition of the victim in separate PIL in order to see if he can be given adequate compensation by the mobile companies.

C-Scheme resident Sudhir Kasliwal alleged that the radiation from nearby towers caused brain tumor to his two younger brothers, Sanjay and Pramod Kasliwal out of which Pramod had passed away. Division bench headed by the Chief Justice Arun Mishra while disposing the PIL filed by retired judge Justice I S Israni, came across a petition filed by Sudhir in which he stated his and his family’s agony caused by mobile tower radiations.

Today technology is so advanced and improved that there is no need of mobile towers. In Singapore there are no towers for mobile communication.Its a serious matter and we will see that the family gets compensation and thus a separate petition has been moved so that the compensation for two of his brothers can be determined, said Chief Justice Arun Mishra.

Meanwhile, Rajasthan High Court on Tuesday, ordered relocation of mobile towers from educational institutions, hospitals and playgrounds in the whole state within two months. Also, the relocation should be done in a manner that it is 500 metres away from jails and 100metres from monuments.

Chief justice Arun Mishra and Justice N K Jain observed that radiations from cell phones and towers have both thermal and non-thermal effect and thus hazardous to everyone staying nearby, especially children and patients.

With an aim to reduce ill-effects and to leave an impact on country’s telecom centres, court dismissed separate petitions that Cellular Operators Association of India and Associate Union of Telecom Service Providers in India had filed challenging 2G and 3G mobile tower/pole by-laws, 2012.

City demands mobile tower rules similar to Rajasthan’s

NO RADIATION While BMC has rules in place for new towers, HC order stops it from taking action on old ones

29 Nov 2012, Hindustan Times (Mumbai)

MUMBAI: A day after the Rajasthan high court ordered relocation of existing mobile towers from around educational institutions, hospitals and playgrounds within two months, anti-radiation campaigners in Mumbai are demanding similar action.

While the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) – which is at present revising its policy on installation of mobile towers in the city – has banned installation of new towers near educational institutions and hospitals, it has not been able to take any action on existing ones on account of a Bombay high court stay order.

“It is essential to take immediate action even in Mumbai,” said Perin Bagli, principal, Activity High School located on Peddar Road, which recently launched a signature campaign to condemn the suspected health hazards posed by mobile towers located in its vicinity.

Even as there is no conclusive evidence on the direct correlation between electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation from mobile towers and health hazards, locals have complained about anxiety, headaches, dizziness, and tumours in extreme cases because of direct exposure.

“With more than 80% of the towers already operating in the city, what is the point in introducing norms for fewer towers that are yet to be installed?” said activist Jitendra Gupta, who has launched a group on Facebook to discuss the implications of radiation exposure. “The proposed norms should be applicable even to those seeking renewal.”

Others said the judgement was a sign of hope. “The Rajasthan high court judgement echoes our sentiments. There is need for concerned officials to look at the issue in a retrospective manner keeping in mind the overall health of citizens,” said Prakash Munshi, from Malabar Hill.

However, telecom industry officials were disappointed. “We are disappointed with the order and will determine the industry’s future course of action once we have the formal order and have studied all details closely,” said Rajan Mathews, director general, Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI). “The industry has always complied with norms related to exposure limits and wil continue to work actively along with the government to ensure that compliance is maintained,” he said.

Authorities mum on mobile towers constructed illegally

November 30, 2012

JAIPUR: In the absence of official guidelines, the state government and civic bodies continue to remain silent on taking action against the mobile towers that were illegally constructed in the residential areas of the city. According to the officials, around 5,678 towers are in the city to ensure best connectivity for the people, as initially there was no restriction on the number of cell phone towers. However, due to absence of official guidelines on the height of the tower, distance between towers and distance from houses, the residents staying in nearby areas remain exposed to diseases.

Deputy mayor Manish Pareek claimed the government made model cell phone tower bylaws in 2010. These bylaws with a few modifications were made mandatory in September last year. “Due to state government policies the telecom companies do not register themselves at the Jaipur Municipal Corporation (JMC) as per the bylaws. Also, we cannot take action against the towers in the residential areas due to lack of powers.” said pareek
Recently, after demolishing illegal towers near residences of influential people, the councillors and residents registered their demand with JMC to carry out similar drives in their respective areas. Mohini Kanwar from ward number 10 said, “In our area two illegal mobile towers have been erected. The issue has been raised several times in the meetings. However, no action has been taken till date. ”

A senior JMC official said, “The mobile towers are permitted by the government of India and we cannot act on the complaints against towers violating the rules. As per municipal bylaws we can take action against them only if they are illegally contructed without leaving a setback.”
Sushil Sharma from ward number 3 claimed, “There is a similar case in my ward and a resident of house situated near the mobile tower is paralyzed due to radiation, according to the doctor’s reports. The case has been brought to JMC’s notice. But no action has been taken .” He added, “There are around 18 towers in this wards violating the rules.”

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Delhi: Radiation row

Volume 30 - Issue 08 :: Apr. 20-May. 03, 2013
from the publishers of THE HINDU         

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Delhi: Radiation row

A petition filed recently in the Delhi High Court seeking the removal of mobile phone towers from the vicinity of schools, colleges and residential localities has highlighted the lack of adequate regulatory mechanisms to deal with hazardous radiation. The writ petition, filed by Sriniwas Sharma, a resident of Pitampura, points out that the towers emit harmful radiation. Sharmas family was allegedly affected by radiation emitted from one such tower; his elder son died of cancer in 2012. The High Court issued notices to the Union of India and the Delhi government on March 8 on the matter.

Vikas Nagwan, the advocate representing Sharma, highlighted the lack of a coherent policy to check emissions from radiation towers. He said: We filed RTI [Right to Information] applications before different government departments asking about the policy on installation of mobile towers in residential localities. The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, in reply to the RTI application, informed us that TRAI has not issued any guidelines regarding the erection of mobile towers in residential areas. We have not received replies yet from other government departments.

A number of studies illustrate the harmful effects of mobile phone tower radiation. A study titled Report on Cell Phone Tower Radiation Hazards by Sujoy K. Guha and Sudarshan Neogi of IIT Kharagpur states: The base stations are connected to directional antennas that are mounted on the roofs of buildings [RTT, or Roof Top Tower, and RTP, or Roof Top Pole] or on ground based towers (GBT). The antennas may have electrical or mechanical down-tilt so that the signals are directed towards ground level. Large numbers of these towers are mounted near schools, hospitals, residential and office buildings to provide good mobile phone coverage to the users. These cell towers transmit radiation 24, so people living within 100s of metres from the tower will receive 10,000 to 10,000,000 times stronger signal than required for mobile.

The Rajasthan High Court, while deciding a PIL petition in August 2012, had cited an inter-ministerial report that details a number of studies on the adverse effects of mobile radiation on health. Also, in several significant judgments the Supreme Court has extended the constitutional right to life to include the right to a healthy environment, including in M.C. Mehta vs Kamal Nath in 1997. However, the government is yet to formulate concrete measures to address this serious public health concern.

Sagnik Dutta

Monday, April 15, 2013

Dadar locals launch campaign against 'dangerous' cell towers

Hindustan Times - March 24, 2013

Residents of Dadar Parsi colony have initiated a campaign to highlight the hazards of radiation that they are exposed to because of the 14 mobile tower antennae on terraces of buildings surrounding their own.

The residents, who will organise a peaceful rally next week, have put up large banners inside the compounds, started a signature campaign and are distributing brochures with details on guidelines prepared by the Union department of telecommunication (DoT) on suspected health hazards posed by exposure to electromagnetic fields.

"In the past few years, six cases of cancer were detected in the two buildings that face the towers. With the towers almost in line with our flats, we are expo-sed to direct radiation through the day," said Nitin Gandhi, a resident of Shree Samarth building, whose wife was detected with cancer in 2009.

"Despite approaching concerned landlords, none of the towers have been dismantled. We have observed that most of the norms laid down by the DoT and the civic body have not been adhered to," added Gandhi.

Many also complained of sleeplessness, headaches and dizziness. "This rally and anti-radiation campaign is being organised to ensure the overall health and well-being of residents," said Dilnavaz Daruvala, another resident, whose husband was detected with cancer.

Suresh Parab, senior police inspector from Matunga police station said that requisite permissions had been sought for organising the peace rally and fixing banners. Despite repeated calls and text messages, Saroj Barucha from Sohrab House, which has installed seven of the 14 mobile tower antennae, refused to comment.

An Aawhan against Cell Tower Radiation - Article in Insight Magazine, IIT Bombay

The Indian Express -  Apr 09 2013  - IIT Bombay faculty seek removal of mobile tower 

 An Aawhan against Cell Tower Radiation - Article in Insight Magazine, IIT Bombay

Concerned Resident on Cell Tower Antennas adjoining his house in Delhi

Respected Sir,

You always been in front to help citizen of india, With this faith i am asking you for help on behalf of RWA of 11 block geeta colony.

Sir, This is to bring to your notice that one of the vodafone cell phone tower is running at illegal norms and really creating troubles for 1000 of lives living in nearby buildings at 11 block of geeta colony,Delhi, India. The ilegal tower has 9 antenna installed and the distance from the adjoining building is just 3 meters of the lowest antena of the tower…The srounding also has a beautiful park where more than 500 people comes and sit everyday but it is also affected by the high radiation of the tower…..This is really causing disaster health problem with the people living in the adjoining building reaching to the death.Recently 2 cases of cancer also found at the surrounding buildings....Small children are loosing their health but vodafone people are blind and feels that in India no one there to help us...I am sure you are updated about the recent guidelines of the ministry where if a tower has only one antenna then the lower antenna should be at least 15 meters away from the adjoining building but here the tower has 9 antenna so the guidelines suggest the distance should be at least 75 meter.............You will really be surprised to see that how vodafone people can be ignorant to this condition.

When we talked to the officials of Indus, They did not even ready to look into the condition perhaps they sent us a notice for not raising our voice against this illegal mobile tower.

The citizen of our RWA have already given letter to MCD DC EAST, and our local councelor Mr.Bansi Lal Ji. Even the complaint is already forwarded by the SHO geeta colony to the SDM Mr.Sandeep Gulati based at SDM Office,geeta colony and SDM given instructions to the owner of the building to talk to the company for the removal of the tower but still the INDUS AND Vodafone people are not even ready to take it seriously.

We are even not able to go our roof as the tower and the antina as shown in the pictures are just 3 meter away from our floor. Our ladies are carrying great threat because of the people comes at the tower to maintain it as odd hours.

24 Hours regular vibrations at our walls due to the tower and its instruments leading to cracks at our building, verification of which is already been done by the delhi police.

There is a school and a dispensary nearby the tower and the park has minimum 1000 people foot fall every day for morning and evening walk.

You all are the god for us please come forward and save us from the cluster of this illegal tower.

we  have already sent an email to the vodafone customer care delhi and Mumbai along with their respective noal officers and also got received the acknowledgement but no action is taken.

Please look into the matter and do the needful as soon as possible as every day is dangerous for our lifes.

[Concerned Resident] & RWA 11 Block Geeta colony Delhii

 1.Mobile Towers installed very close to a house in Delhi 
2. Monitoring radiation levels with Nesa's Cell Tower Radiation Detector DETEX 189 -

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DoT awakens to cancer-causing cellphone towers

Apr 7, 2013
DNA Exclusive: DoT awakens to cancer-causing cellphone towers

The department of telecommunication or DoT has finally woken up to the fact that there may be a correlation between cancer and exposure to radiation from cell phone towers.

A comprehensive study conducted by a DoT body has documented cases of cancer deaths in areas overexposed to telecom towers in Mumbai.

“TERM Cell Mumbai has been receiving complaints on suspected high radiation from mobile towers. While going through some of these cases, one case has come to notice where in one residential complex six members of five individual families have been diagnosed with cancer in a span of 5-6 years,” said the report by the Telecom Enforcement Resources & Monitoring (TERM), Mumbai.

The society in question is Jawan Nagar society in Borivali. Bipin Shah, a resident, says: “When the study was conducted, the government said radiation levels were under control after which two more towers were installed in the area. We have decided to move court against the tower companies,” he said.

There has been growing concern over the impact of telecom tower radiation on human beings and many citizens, residents’ associations and the media have previously highlighted these concerns.

The TERM report documented the health profile of the complainants. The survey covers societies in Borivali, Bandra, Wadala, Thane, Andheri, Parel and Dadar, among others. The DoT now plans to conduct more such studies in Mumbai and other parts of the country.

Chetan Shah, 34, a resident of Jawan Nagar society, said at least eight neighbours have died due to cancer in his society in the past two years. “Every few months we hear of another death. We’ve been continuously complaining about new cell towers being erected around our society. They are so close - not even 20 metres away,” he said.

Another Jawan Nagar resident, 72-year-old Rasnidhi Vyas, whose wife Chandrika died of breast cancer in 2009, remembers the numerous visits to Nanavati Hospital. “The cancer kept returning till the doctors gave up.” Chandrika was later also diagnosed with lung cancer. “She was bed ridden and in tremendous pain. It pains me to even remember those days,” he says.

Kirtida Bhatt, 62, was diagnosed with cancer last June. “Fortunately it was the starting stage and we went to the doctor on time and got the cyst removed by surgery. Then I went for a CT scan on the recommendation of my doctor. They found 2-3 other little cysts near the same spot for which I was assigned to go through six cycles of chemotherapy. I am grateful I am now clear of any signs of cancer.”

KR Samant from Namaskar housing society in Andheri (E), also part of the TERM survey, has been fighting telecom companies for almost a year now. His wife suffers from breast cancer and two people in his society have died.

Chetan Shah says his family lives in fear after having seen so many neighbours succumb to cancer. “We are not going to wait for one of us to get cancer and have decided to take legal action,” he said.

In September 2012, the government lowered radiation emission limits for mobile phone towers to 450 milliwatts/sq m from 4,500. But even this is way above international norms.