Monday, May 31, 2010

Delhi - Radiation City

From Tehelka Magazine, Vol 7, Issue 22, Dated June 05, 2010


●Four-fiths of delhi lives in unsafe zones. Only about a fifth of Delhi lives and works in the safe zone and that is almost entirely where the VVIP's reside.The October Commonwealth Games could be most radiation-filled ever

●Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s home is a ‘borderline’ zone. The headquarters of the Congress is highly unsafe

●Cell radiation is slow poison. Effects begin with fatigue and could end in cancer. It is nearfatal for ones with pacemakers

●Shockingly, hospitals and schools are in high risk zones. Safdarjung, RML, Modern School and RBI are dangerous


Hazards from EMR range from short to long term. A headache today could mean a tumour tomorrow

IMMEDIATELY Could hinder pacemakers and ICDs, which could be fatal for patients
3 Years - Appetite loss, sleep disorders, headaches, short term memory loss
4-5 Years - Tinnitus, muscle spasms, visual disorder, skin ailments
5-10 Years - Drop in sperm count, cardio and respiratory problems
8-10 Years - Acoustic neuroma, brain tumour, leukaemia


Cell Tower Radiation leading to Tumour- Coverage at Star News 27th May 2010

Cell Tower Radiation - Star News 27th May 2010

Survey initiated by Start News and Tehelka measured radiation levels from mobile towers at 100 locations in Delhi and found the radiation levels to be very high. Only one-fifth of Delhi where VVIPs live are under safe radiation zone. At the panel are: Dr. Sheli Sharma - Radiologist, Miss Shobha Choudhary - Managing Editor Tehelka, Jaffer Hakh - CEO, Cogent EMR and others

Cell Tower Radiation from Rajesh Chopra on Vimeo.

Today we all know that cell towers radiation is messing up our health, We should start thinking from now what effect will this have on our future generation, In what all ways will they be deformed and we should start intriguing initiatives accordingly. All the agencies that are issuing reports which states zero danger from these towers are carrying on research from funds provided by these telecom giants, thus these agencies are not to be trusted at all.

It’s about time that we comprehend that Government agencies and NGO’s won’t be doing anything about this hazard, that’s why it’s high time, we public should take this grave matter in our hands. It is important to make this issue so huge that government is left with no option.

Its government’s fault for spoiling these telecom giants and now these companies are leaving no stone unturned when it comes to playing with Law. Now they are not even bothered about law when it comes to installing these killer towers.

These days I have seen at many places A building’s roof has up to two or three towers on first floor and these towers in some cases are directly facing second floor of adjoining building like at Suvidha Kunj, Pitampura, Delhi, where humans live. Thus companies showing no regard for Human life whatsoever. Isn’t this making fun of the law formed for public? Today it is very easy to see this kind of installation in many places.

All cell towers should be removed from residential areas and placed where they don’t harm and are on proper height and if govt. fails to do this soon.

We public should take the matter in our own hands.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dr. Martin Blank - Electromagnetic Fields and Cancer

Presentation by Dr. Martin Blank,Professor of Physiology & Cellular Biophysics and his research area includes Electromagnetic field effects on membrane enzymes and on the cellular stress response. Dr. Blank in his studies has found evidence for Stress protein synthesis: a cellular response to EMF interaction with DNA. He is also a contributor to the Bioinitiative report.


Saturday, May 8, 2010

Wireless Hazards Panel - Columbia University Law School

Wireless Hazards Panel - Columbia University Law School from ElectromagneticHealth.Org on Vimeo.

A panel discussion addressing wireless hazards, an emerging public health and environmental issue, happened at the Columbia University Law School. Speakers included Camilla Rees, founder of; Martin Blank PhD, Associate Professor at Columbia University Department of Physiology and Cellular Biophysics; and Whitney North Seymour, Jr. Esq., Attorney at Law and Co-Founder of the Natural Resources Defense Council.

Multimedia Presentation on Wireless Health Hazards by ElectromagneticHealth.Org

Multimedia Presentation on Wireless Health Hazards from ElectromagneticHealth.Org on Vimeo.

Dr Magda Havas - On Cell /Transmission Towers and Your Health

Monday, May 3, 2010

Concern over cellphone radiation

Asian Age - 30April 2010

Telecom has always hogged headlines albeit for different reasons.

If once it was for the mind boggling money created by telecom companies, the other time it could be the cut-throat competition. This time, however, it is in news for an entirely different reason altogether: These companies are now being accused of causing harm to human health and environment through the radiation emitted by their telecom towers. The claim, however, has been strongly refuted by the telecom companies.

“Currently, there is no monitoring system to check whether the radiation from the mobile towers is crossing the permissible levels. A single tower now-a-days has more than one company’s equipment these days,” contends Telecom Users Group of India (TUGI) president, Mr Anil Prakash.

Elaborating his claim further, Prakash says research studies show that people who live within 100 metre radius of a mobile tower suffer from headache. “But they feel relieved from headache as they go away from the proximity of the tower,” he says. Trai has already floated a pre-consultation paper on “mobile tower design, radiation and other issues”.

With the number of mobile subscribers shooting high and resultant popping up of more telecom towers, analysts emphasis the need for a thorough study on the allegations about mobile towers emitting radiation.

Responding to Trai’s preconsultation paper, TUGI said that the telecom operators are allowed to pump maximum 20 watts of electro magnetic radiation per carrier per sector from a cell site. "However, in order to get a better coverage, these operators pump 60-80 watts of energy per carrier per sector. The studies indicate that due to such high intensity of electromagnetic radiation the soft membrane of eggs of sparrows and crows fractures and thus their eggs never hatch,” it said.

The NGO says that they are reports about the disappearance of sparrows and crows in urban areas and one could easily infer that the reason is the uncontrolled electromagnetic radiation. “Some study predicts that honey bees will disappear by 2020 as they loose their navigational sense in high intensity electromagnetic field. It is predicted by the experts that brain and eye cancer will become epidemics in years to come,” said TUGI.

In its response to the Trai paper, Bharti Airtel said that the research by a number of organisations like World Health Organisation, British Medical Association, Royal Society of Canada have concluded that radio waves from mobile phones and towers are not harmful to health.

“Great myth is being created in the public domain that the wave of mobiles are
harmful for the health. Due to this myth, the residential societies are either not allowing the telecom operators to put the sites or now forcing them to vacate the premises,” it added.

The Consumer Care Society secretary, Mr Ravindra Nath Guru, said that the mobile companies in India have been asked to do selfcertification that they are following the radiation norms.

“In India, this concept of self-certification never works. There should be an audit by third party,” added Mr Guru.

He also flagged the issue that in order to get better coverage the mobile companies may be increasing the power beyond the allowed limits. “There should be a study on this issue by medical council along with consumer forums,” added Mr Guru.

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