Sunday, December 25, 2011

Mumbai: No civic nod for 3 cell towers atop building: RTI

Times of India - 26 Dec 2011, Page 4

MUMBAI: The high level of radiation emitted by three unauthorized mobile towers atop Victor Shelter building poses a health hazard for neighbouring Nilesh society residents at Kandarpada in Dahisar (W), says IIT-Bombay professor Dr Girish Kumar. The radiation level in the New Nilesh society flat was measured by Wilcom Technologies Pvt Ltd, an IIT-B incubated firm.

The combined radiation measured in the living room, kitchen, master-bedroom and another bedroom, especially near windows, was very high, the researcher said.

Residents complained of low immunity, constant headaches, fever and hair-loss. A recent Right to Information (RTI) query filed by Harish Pandey of the New Link Road Residents' Forum revealed that the civic body had no records of permission granted to the mobile operator to install cell towers atop Victor Shelter building

"Last year, an RTI query revealed that three mobile towers erected near Ganpat Patil Nagar slum on the ground barely at a height of 25 feet which were illegal, since they did not have any permission from the civic body," said Pandey.

"These were dismantled later. In this regard, all residents staying around the three towers and the people travelling on Link Road were exposed to radiation. This only highlights loopholes in our system and the indifference of the telecom companies towards the health of citizens," he added. "In the last two years, people from different housing societies in the vicinity have told me that the residents are suffering from several health problems like insomnia, headache, lack of concentration, memory loss, joint pains who did not have any history in their families. At all these places, cell towers have been installed in nearby buildings and the radiation level measured was found to be too high,"said Dr Girish Kumar.

Kumar's daughter, Neha, has been studying the biological effects of radiation and is director, Nesa radiation solutions.

"Residents should ask the mobile operator to reduce the power transmission and ensure antennas are not facing their homes," said Neha, director of Nesa Radiation Solutions. Kumar recommend that the maximum permissible radiation exposure limit for 24 hours (cumulative of all frequency bands) should be less than 100W/m2 (24 hours). Serious Health hazard happen at 1 milliwatt/sq.m. 0.0001watt/m2 and India has adopted 9.2watt/sq.m.

On Tuesday, an inter ministerial committee government announced to bring down electromagnetic radiation from mobile towers must be brought down to one-tenth of existing levels to 0.92 watt/sqm. But, Kumar says that India has still adopted a higher radiation guidelines or power density.

Elaborating on the precautions that residents can take who reside near mobile towers, Kumar said,"Where the radiation level is high they can install a protective window shield. We have developed a shield to absorb unwanted emission. It's reasonably priced. We can shield individual people. But how does one protect environment, trees which give low fruit output and birds?," added Kumar.


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Cell Tower Radiation Detector - Detex 189 by NESA Radiation Solutions - User Guide

Radiation Detector to measure radiation levels from Mobile Towers

Radiation Detector DETEX 189 has been designed for quick and easy detection of radiation levels at a given spot in your premises (home or office). It is a broadband instrument and accurately detects the cumulative radiation in the range of 800 MHz to 4 GHz, which covers frequencies used by most modern communication systems that are encountered in our day to day life (CDMA, GSM900, GSM1800, 3G and Wi-Fi /WLAN/ Bluetooth frequency bands).

The radiation levels are indicated by three LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) - Green, Yellow and Red.
If only Green LED lights up, it implies SAFE level of radiation.
If Yellow LED as well as Green LED light up, it implies CAUTION level of radiation. Also, buzzer will start BEEPING intermittently.
If all the three LEDs light up, i.e. Red, Yellow and Green LEDs, it implies DANGER level of radiation. Also, buzzer will start BEEPING continuously.

Highlights of the product:
Cell Phone Tower Radiation Detector
Comply with Bioinitiative Report (2007) Recommendations
Cell Tower Specific Design
IIT Bombay, Antenna Lab Tested
Portable and Monopod Mountable
Fast and Reliable Detection

Price: 4950 INR

To Purchase contact:
Contact us: +91-022-41241800, +91 9619378318

Download user manual from:
Cell Tower Radiation Detector - Detex 189 by NESA Radiation Solutions - User Guide