Wednesday, November 20, 2013

6 Cancer Deaths near Mobile Towers in Joynagar, Kolkata

6 cancer deaths and 3 more patients under treatment in Joynagar, Kolkata. At all these places towers were very close and visible from their residence. - On checking with DETEX, readings were found to be high from health point of view.

Joynagar (West Bengal, India) mobile tower radiation record
(According to local information, six cancer patient died near this tower and three more patients are on treatment)
[Measured on 17th November, 2013 (Sunday) during 10:30 hrs to 1:00 hrs]
Used device: Detex 189 radiation detector (Made in India, approved by IIT Bombay)
Detected power at different star marked points on the map: (Refer Table 1 for absolute power density)
1. Red (Red+Yellow+Green stable on detector): > -10 dBm
2. Yellow(Yellow+Green stable on detector): -10 dBm to -20 dBm
3. Blue (Yellow blink on detector): -20 dBm to -30 dBm
4. Green (Green stable on detector): <-30 dbm="" font="">

1. Three BTS are installed and two generators are found. Notice regarding Non-ionizing radiation
2. Tower antennas are visible from all points marked with yellow and red
3. In the houses of two died cancer patient radiation level was within -10 dBm to -20 dBm