Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Radiating Slow Death

Based on the Report prepared, this article appeared in Mail Today, a Delhi-based newspaper of the India Today group on 3rd August 2009,
Radiation Slow Death


  1. wish my roomie would read this.. he's on his phone 24x7 :(
    nice content btw, keep writing :)

  2. Thanks mantiz!
    You can show the article to your friend and take necessary precautions.

  3. A really insightful resource though a bit disheartening for Electronics and Communication engineers like me.. :) But this boosts a very interesting philosophy that all human inventions will lead to past rather than future. This holds true for automobiles, industries which have grave repurcussions for environment and now this mobile phones and its radiations. We at first hand invent for our ease and then try to protect ourselves from the same invention. Looks like we are gonna making a double impact to get back to where we were before these inventions.

  4. Well trust me, I have no intentions to dishearten the ECE guys. :) And I am definitely not against any technology which improves our social life. What you said is true to an extend but I personally believe all these grievances can be taken care of/dealt with just like the technology was invented at the first place. But its sad that with all these MNC's, especially in India its health which has always taken a back seat.

    Changes like not installing towers on residential buildings, near schools, hospitals and erecting them at a greater heights and where population is scarce, reducing power output to much lower intensities [Btw, there is no proper law monitoring levels in India unlike other countries], correcting antennae direction, using shielded phones etc and reducing/limiting the use of mobile phones to emergency in case of children, expecting mother's and the elderly plus awareness on its harmfeul effecys are some steps which will improve the situation and need to be addressed immediately.

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