Monday, May 31, 2010

Cell Tower Radiation leading to Tumour- Coverage at Star News 27th May 2010

Cell Tower Radiation - Star News 27th May 2010

Survey initiated by Start News and Tehelka measured radiation levels from mobile towers at 100 locations in Delhi and found the radiation levels to be very high. Only one-fifth of Delhi where VVIPs live are under safe radiation zone. At the panel are: Dr. Sheli Sharma - Radiologist, Miss Shobha Choudhary - Managing Editor Tehelka, Jaffer Hakh - CEO, Cogent EMR and others

Cell Tower Radiation from Rajesh Chopra on Vimeo.

Today we all know that cell towers radiation is messing up our health, We should start thinking from now what effect will this have on our future generation, In what all ways will they be deformed and we should start intriguing initiatives accordingly. All the agencies that are issuing reports which states zero danger from these towers are carrying on research from funds provided by these telecom giants, thus these agencies are not to be trusted at all.

It’s about time that we comprehend that Government agencies and NGO’s won’t be doing anything about this hazard, that’s why it’s high time, we public should take this grave matter in our hands. It is important to make this issue so huge that government is left with no option.

Its government’s fault for spoiling these telecom giants and now these companies are leaving no stone unturned when it comes to playing with Law. Now they are not even bothered about law when it comes to installing these killer towers.

These days I have seen at many places A building’s roof has up to two or three towers on first floor and these towers in some cases are directly facing second floor of adjoining building like at Suvidha Kunj, Pitampura, Delhi, where humans live. Thus companies showing no regard for Human life whatsoever. Isn’t this making fun of the law formed for public? Today it is very easy to see this kind of installation in many places.

All cell towers should be removed from residential areas and placed where they don’t harm and are on proper height and if govt. fails to do this soon.

We public should take the matter in our own hands.

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