Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Study Shows Honeybee’s Face Threat From Cell Phone Radiation

Studies made in Kerala India have brought out evidence to support the theory of colony collapse disorder (CCD) among honeybees due to bioactive microwave radiation from cell phones and their relay towers.

Although the theory of mobile towers leading to CCD is yet to be proved anywhere in the world, experts say this is highly possible and the phenomenon could cause unimaginable food troubles to most Indian States, especially Kerala which is already food-scarce. The State has the highest density of mobile towers.

The phenomenon of (suspected) mobile tower-induced CCD and resultant crop loss were first noticed in the US several years ago, but this had spread to most European countries by 2007. Now, experiments by Sainuddeen Pattazhy, a researcher and dean in the department of zoology at SN College, Punalur, Kerala, have found that worker bees fail to return to their hives when their navigation skills are interfered by the mobile microwaves.

Sainuddeen had conducted his experiments by placing mobile phones near beehives (as some scientists in the West had done earlier). He found that these hives collapsed totally in five to 10 days with the worker bees failing to return to their homes, leaving the hives with the queens, eggs and immature bees. The vanished bees were never found, but the assumption was that they died singly far from home. The parasites, wildlife and other bees that normally raid the honey and pollen left behind when a colony dies, refuse to go anywhere near the abandoned hives.



  1. In Germany there has been research on bees and EMF's dating back 30 years. This shows a how bees immune systems are damaged and the mechanism for the damage
    Bees, Birds and Mankind Destroying Nature by `Electrosmog´
    Dr Ulrich Warnke

    Effects of Wireless Communication Technologies
    A Brochure Series by the Competence Initiative for the Protection of Humanity, Environment and Democracy

    More information here

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