Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Please remove radiation-spewing mobile antenna: Wadia hospital

DNA - 20Aug 2011, Pg 1

While the Maharashtra government is considering guidelines to restrict mobile towers from coming up near hospitals and schools, doctors at Jerbai Wadia hospital in Parel have asked the administration to remove the mobile antenna set up in the hospital premises. The doctors are concerned about the radiation emitted by such antennas.

The antenna is placed on the hospital’s terrace. Ward number 11, which houses children, is below it. Next to it is the post-delivery ward, where women are admitted for observation with their newborns. “Even the ICU is on the second floor.

The staff and doctors are worried about the adverse effects of the antenna. But the authorities are not paying attention,” a doctor told DNA.

“We have put forth various reports before the authorities which state that such radiation might be harmful to those who are constantly near the structure,” said another doctor.

Hospital’s administrative officer KB Shivaram said, “The antenna was set up as we didn’t have range for a particular mobile service. We have now asked the company to deactivate it.” Added another doctor: “When it was being installed, we didn’t realise what it was. The hospital authorities later told us what the structure was,” a doctor said.


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