Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Cell phone and cell tower radiation

Cell phone and cell tower radiation

Most people believe cell phones and base station towers are harmless. You can thank the tireless efforts of the trillion dollar mobile telecom industry for convincing you of that. However no serious scientist who investigates this issue concludes the same. Not even Dr. George Carlo, whom the cell phone lobbying group trusted with $25 M to "prove the safety of cell phones" could stomach those lies.

There are hundreds of peer-reviewed scientific studies on this subject from recognized universities, research hospitals, and scientists around the world. Cell phones and base stations emit electromagnetic frequency (EMF) radiation in the microwave wavelength. Above we present a sampling of the studies on EMF and health effect.

Not a single government agency in the U.S. is in charge of regulating EMF to mitigate health impacts. The FDA has no authority over telecommunications technology and the FCC is an arm of industry, not a health regulating body. The FCC has not a single research physician or epidemiologist on staff to review data and propose restrictions.

It took over a half century for truth to prevail in the debate over tobacco. We're only fifteen years into the mobile revolution, but already there are 1.4 M base stations and 5.2 B mobile phones in the world. Men were the primary tobacco users, while mobile technology has been adopted by men, women, and children alike.

Cellular base stations over schools, churches, parks, and daycare facilities is a tragedy. These young people have no choice in the matter. They are also way more vulnerable biologically to the effects of EMF radiation.

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