Saturday, April 7, 2012

Radiation from Mobile Towers in your Locality??

Concerned Person from Chennai (Name kept Anonymous)

"I must mention, where I stay, within 300 m, there are two cell phone towers, one of which is mounted on top of a one-story building housing a gym on the first floor"..." There are people living in the adjacent apartment of three-floors. On preliminary enquiring, I found that there was a cancer death in one of the tenants (old lady) on the second floor, (need to get more details); an aged person stricken with cancer on the third floor; another family on the third floor absolutely does not interact with anyone, avoidance behaviour (?); on the first floor, heart attack, sudden rise in blood sugar, joint pains, sleep disturbance. This is information collected on casual enquiry. The other cell phone tower is on top of a
one-story building, having many shops on the ground floor and facing many two-story apartments on the opposite side. There was a cancer death reported in one of the apartments there as well. There are many antennae mounted on this tower and some face the third floor of the apartment where I live (we live on the first floor). I have been staying here for 15 years, the towers have come up in the last 10 years, I need to check the exact date. I have made an observation of the trees, which show a very dull appearance"..

Concerned Person from Kolkata (Mr. Kisalay Mitra writes in his Blog -

"I am very much concern to share the experience with others what I am facing high level of Radiations in my Residential building in my bed rooms emitted ( 24x7) from my adjacent cell tower installed 8 meters away from my building in another building's roof top , I am facing sleep disturbance, headache, lack of concentration, forgetful memory, joint pain -all these symptoms are happening in my family members, recently two of my close neighbors located very close to cell tower died in short gap in last January & Feb '12 due to sudden cardiac arrest & acute prostrate blockage"..

And there are many more from several other places, societies, cities and states who are complaining of similar health effects.

NOTE: Not everyone is exposed to similar amounts of radiation. People who are living in the main beam of an antenna or very near will be exposed to higher levels than others. This is one of the reasons why health effects are not uniformly seen among everyone in a building/locality.

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