Sunday, July 1, 2012

ICNIRP Guideline - averaged over 6min exposure! Then why adopted for 24*7?

The Industry and Government bodies like TERM Cell have consistently been stating that they are within "International Standards" for Cell Tower Radiation and, hence are completely safe. Let us have a closer look at what these "standards" are:

1) ICNIRP 1998 - stands for International Commission on Non- Ionizing Radiation Protection. These guideline are averaged over only 6 minutes exposure, however the Indian Government has adopted it for 24*7 exposure:

2) Several other countries have adopted much lower values. Please have a look at: for standards adopted by different countries.

The question is - Why do each of these countries have different standards ranging from several hundred to thousand times in magnitude?

3) The maximum value measured by TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) was 100 times lower than the ICNIRP guideline. In that case why do they have an apprehension in reducing the guideline by 10 times (which has been proposed since Feb 2011)

Even if government adopts 1/10th of ICNIRP, the industry will be within norm and does not have to reduce the power transmission

4 Why does Blackberry manual carry warning messages "keep the device 0.98 inches away from your body?"

5) Why do we see warning signals on mobile towers " CAUTION: Non Ionizing Radiation" when the industry has been saying non-ionizing radiation is completely safe.

These are just some of the points. For more information you can read:


  1. Appreciate ur work on trying to make India a safer place. Recently my Nokia had a big fall and display didnt work for some time. Later it was all running well. I took the ph to Nokia official service centre and they said just to change the display. I said fine, i will do it but before that pls chk the radiation level of handset. Guess what , they dont have any gadgets to chk radiation and its a full fledged Nokia service centre with fully a/c and few TV's in reception area ...

  2. A recently published Chinese study shows 37% human Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells dying after one workday of mobile radiation exposure at ICNIRP guidelines occupational levels.

    People should read science themselves and not rely on industry spin.

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