Thursday, April 25, 2013

Authorities mum on mobile towers constructed illegally

November 30, 2012

JAIPUR: In the absence of official guidelines, the state government and civic bodies continue to remain silent on taking action against the mobile towers that were illegally constructed in the residential areas of the city. According to the officials, around 5,678 towers are in the city to ensure best connectivity for the people, as initially there was no restriction on the number of cell phone towers. However, due to absence of official guidelines on the height of the tower, distance between towers and distance from houses, the residents staying in nearby areas remain exposed to diseases.

Deputy mayor Manish Pareek claimed the government made model cell phone tower bylaws in 2010. These bylaws with a few modifications were made mandatory in September last year. “Due to state government policies the telecom companies do not register themselves at the Jaipur Municipal Corporation (JMC) as per the bylaws. Also, we cannot take action against the towers in the residential areas due to lack of powers.” said pareek
Recently, after demolishing illegal towers near residences of influential people, the councillors and residents registered their demand with JMC to carry out similar drives in their respective areas. Mohini Kanwar from ward number 10 said, “In our area two illegal mobile towers have been erected. The issue has been raised several times in the meetings. However, no action has been taken till date. ”

A senior JMC official said, “The mobile towers are permitted by the government of India and we cannot act on the complaints against towers violating the rules. As per municipal bylaws we can take action against them only if they are illegally contructed without leaving a setback.”
Sushil Sharma from ward number 3 claimed, “There is a similar case in my ward and a resident of house situated near the mobile tower is paralyzed due to radiation, according to the doctor’s reports. The case has been brought to JMC’s notice. But no action has been taken .” He added, “There are around 18 towers in this wards violating the rules.”