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Coverage in Israel - Several cancer cases - May 5, 2013

Following has been translated to English -

"Machine gun on the roof": antennas on the roof, the neighbors die from cancer

No less than 17 people living next door to a number of buildings in a street in Kiryat Haim, were or had died from cancer in recent years. Residents claim that all stems from nine cellular antennas stands over a Mapam nearby. Neighbors: "We will fight even at the jail, at least we survive"

Living on the roof of a house in Kiryat Haim Western Mapam were eight years ago cellular antennas. now no longer clear how many antennas there, because all of them were covered with a sheet of tin. from the street it looks like another floor was added to the structure.

H's mother lives close to Mapam, probably too close. When he learned last week that she has a brain tumor, his world turned upside down. Their father is already lost as a result of cancer, and the family around the house this terrible disease has become a regular guest, every Once in another neighborhood. Overall we counted 17 cases, and it is probably only a partial figure, relying only on the people who talk about it. statistical conclusion you can draw your own.

Tenant cancer patient:'' I ate it, but there are children here, shame on them'' Illustration photo: Flash 90

"At first there were antenna or two," says H.. "Over the years added more and more. Has there now at least nine antennas, but you never know exactly how that covered them. Lots of neighbors around the hospital all kinds of diseases but Our main concern is cancer. Dad died of cancer and my mother is now in a hospital and they really not alone here, it has really moved. "

How is it discovered?

"For a long time she was suffering from headaches. She was on medication and was going through it, but when nothing has been no help she herself told us: 'I have cancer in the head, now she is in the hospital. We are eight brothers and family very connected and it hit hard for us ".

H. speaks quietly and seems powerless. He spends a long time alongside his mother in the hospital, but formed in his heart a decision: "We decided now to go to war in this and we will not give up easily. Neighbor who lives on the floor above my mother died from the disease. Well at the Opposite died since, and next door a year suffer from this disease, which spread her whole body.

"We want to bring checks Mcsfino information that we do not believe anyone anymore. My brother is a lawyer and help in legal terms, we went to all the neighbors and do what is necessary, because no one else will do it for us. There are neighbors who want to burn the antenna but I do not want to break the law. "

"We're running out here"

Q's mother lives next door to eighth. Also is fighting cancer with all her strength, and she points finger: "I hundred percent sure there is a connection between these antennas and my disease," says S. weakly. "It's not just me I got sick, here's our neighbor died, the neighbor's son, a young man, sick. Now also another neighbor grabbed it."

What made ​​you think it antennas?

"What a professor one came to ask me questions in the hospital and she asked if antennas near the house and how I am close to Kishon and enterprises. This antenna is so great that there is no doubt that its fluorescence is strong. Anyone who rents them to the roof interested only in money. We slowly - slowly going and end here. neighbor occurred two years ago and within three months of being eaten and left. What are they waiting I do not understand. "

What would you like to happen?

"I want to lower the antennas. I ate it, as they say, but there's a lot of kids, a lot of young people, shame on them. Getting one silver and one gets cancer. It should not be that way. Impossible to continue like this.

"I suffer from lymphoma difficult. My immune system no longer exists, it is impossible to analyze. Every six months I get six rounds of chemotherapy to the immune system even survive. I most of the time at home. My situation is not good, I was in pain and I got to the point where I need to use medical marijuana to not suffer, I will never smoked a cigarette and now I smoke weed. well it lasted an hour and then back pains. "

What can you do against the antennas?

"I did not do the link in the beginning but I've seen many places people are fighting antennas these and it made me realize that, but I have no strength to walk and run and make war. I hope that now the younger generation cares about the area would make this war. Municipality do not mind people here, The government does not do anything and they only care about money. "

There you angry about the situation?

"I get angry sometimes., But what it will help me if I'm angry. Whether anyone would care of us used to come and remove the antennae of these, but if they do not fuss and mess nothing will happen. I think abandoning us here. Whether the municipality would not want to approve it was not confirmed., but apparently it worth it. "

"I ask every day when my turn"

S. retired recently. He is a man interested in environment and care about what happens. The danger of antennas is warned for a long time, but now he is broke and Segev funds to take action: "I ask myself every day, 'When's my turn?', Says S. angrily," With this situation, 17 people in all ill patients is so small, so I ask myself when my turn. But I'm not waiting in line, I will work against this if we can not do it legally then there is also disgusted illegally. But these antennas need to kick out. When I see this thing and 17 people are in front of me and disappear - no other choice. "

Yona Yahav. One of the residents: "I invite him to come and live here" Photo: Alex Rosekovsky

Are you sure antennae are the culprits in?

"Street cornflower was a block with 32 families, of which 20 people developed Alzheimer's. Tried to tell all kinds of stories that plants, tanks., But it's nearest building antennas placed near the gas station at the entrance to the street, and also that relative to other buildings, it is far tanks. Tanks are here has been for many years and the story began only after the antenna, so that will tell me stories. I do not believe tests done here, if at all. they then coordinate the test with the companies and they are preparing accordingly. I want to be present at the examination. I want to bring someone not connected not independent and did not coordinate with them and then find out the truth. "

You think the city should enlist help?

"We do not have a municipality. Yona Yahav handles Haifa beautiful but look where incoming stable. People here invest in their homes and buildings look pretty but outside trash can., But I prefer not clear to me and not to worry for anything but my cheeks, I want to live. I feel called We have here a machine gun on the roof of this building and shoot us all and no one responds. I invite him to come and live here.'s see what his reaction would be, or transfer the antenna near his house. Maybe then he will feel that it is attached to it. "

Why do you stay?

"The houses closest to the antenna leased. People do not want to live there. No problem to move but who are to be deported where good for me. I was born here in the complex and not throw me away. Few months ago wanted to put on the street Bussel antennas. Neighbors objected and the objection was made. Why They did and we did not? "

"Russian roulette games with us"

Perhaps there could antennae that were fought before?

"We warned and wrote letters before but nothing helped. Faces the municipality, we went there and we got stuck in the wall. Called Yona Yahav come and see how we live here. He arrived, but the opening of the beach proper, where investing and everything looks beautiful. Way was it attractive to come. appreciate our lives a dog's life in this country. I was born and raised here, I made an army, I did reserve, raised children here. has a family abroad, I can go but I do not want to. Why? For a scavenger for money selling my life?

"Even in Kiryat Bialik was a case set for antennas, but where the mayor intervened. Why not here, why? Because most people here are not interested and do not know to speak? They do not realize that when they ignore or speak they shoot themselves and their children. We die here, not only radiation but a lack of concern. question asked here is who's next. This 17 cases, four of whom died and that only those who speak and I know. has people who speak and closed within themselves. then Describe yourself how the picture looks real. "

Haifa Municipality. "Supports the position of the residents' Photo: Max Beilinson

So what do you do?

"I tell you very frankly. Unless something happens, and soon, I'm taking the law into their own hands. Then my life will end, then put me in jail but at least those who stay here enjoy. Pekiin name antenna, within half an hour got all the men of the village with ropes and knocked down the antenna and policemen were beaten there. did not matter who was where they would fight with him. they do not see a meter, they want to live with their mountain air.

"Here we want to breathe the sea but put us poison. Individuals are afraid to take action, instead of fearing for their life. Then if they enter with legal proceedings, they have the money and power to drag it on and on, and it would be another seven years and now people here are going . playing Russian roulette with us. "

Haifa Municipality: we fought against the antennas

Haifa Municipality said in response: "Haifa Municipality supports the position of the residents and is the only standing in front of the struggle to remove the antenna above the roof of the house: In 2009, the municipality issued a demolition order to the facility access, placed on the roof of the building. Cellular company waged a long legal battle against the municipality to cancel the order But the court ruled in 2010 that the order was lawful and destroy 'approach facility.

"In response to the court's ruling, the Company filed a request for the establishment of three 'bite' on the roof of the building. Establishment of antennas approved by the Commissioner of radiation levels at the Ministry of the Environment is the only competent professional authority on the subject. Despite the approval of the Ministry of Environmental Protection municipality refused to approve the establishment of the 'sting' and determined that there is no place to place a cellular antenna on the roof of a building in a residential neighborhood and find an alternate location for the establishment antenna. rejected this position in light of the local planning and building the company's request for a permit.

"Against this decision, the Company applied the appeals committee of the Ministry of Interior. Appeals Committee received in -10.6.2012 the appeal and ordered the local committee, issue a building permit without further delays.

"It should be noted that the Haifa Municipality has set a unique procedure whereby Israel is not satisfied with the position of the Ministry of Environment but takes any request to place the union reference antenna of Environmental Protection. Procedure was praised in the State Comptroller. Again, the application was forwarded to the Cities Association and representative Dr. Mona Naama municipality supported the establishment of the antenna resistance. This regard, the Appeals Committee determined: With all due respect to Dr. landscapes is not clear how the Commission can rely on local opinion when the position of the Officer, the competent authority to decide the matter, is different. "

Despite repeated requests by the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Environmental Protection, not received any response from them.



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