Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Mobile Phone Tower Radiation Hazards and Solutions

There are about 7 billion mobile phone users worldwide and 5+ million mobile towers to support those phones and meet the communication demand.

Hundreds of people live close to these towers and several people are being bombarded with this invisible dangerous radiation often without their knowledge.

Prolonged exposure to radiation from cell phones and towers is causing health problems like - sleep disturbance, headaches, concentration problems and skin irritation. Severe problems include miscarriages, infertility, irregular heart beat and even cancer.

Sweden, which was one of the first countries where the mobile technology was in use is now host to a list of problems and today 1/30th i.e, 300,000 out of a total population of 9 million in 20 years of exposure is Electro Hyper Sensitive (EHS), i.e are sensitive to radiation and are not able to stay in a high radiation environment for too long. The Swedish government recognized this as a problem and provides compensation to their people.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has designated Cell Phone and Cell Tower Radiation as a possible human carcinogen on 31st May 2011. Even mobile phone use manuals worn users to keep their phones away from the body and talk on phone for limited time.

The cell phone industry is a trillion dollar industry. It is a similar case as the tobacco industry. However, this time it is an invisible danger and affecting an even bigger number of people!

At the end of the presentation, there are precautionary suggestions for safer use of mobile phones.

For further reading with references to scientific publications, please visit - http://www.scribd.com/doc/44736879

Check this video - Mobilze: http://youtu.be/eSJ7hQ4QgxY - A documentary on cell phone radiation and the long-term health effects on the brain and body.  A video where Apple Co-Founder Steve Woznaik & Virgin Mobile Founder Richard Brandson advice not to use cell phone next to the head.