Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cell Phones and Cell Tower Radiation Effect on Children

Coverage on TV9 News Channel - 9 Dec 2010

The show is more focussed on health impacts on children from Mobile Tower Radiation and Mobile Phones / Cell Phones

Children are more susceptible to radiation as their skulls are thinner and still developing. A pregnant women and fetus are susceptible as these radiations can pass through the placental barrier and affect developing fetus.

Also, a large number of brain cancer cases have been reported among children on the same side where they held their cell phones. Tumour the size of a tennis ball have also been reported near the ears of several cell phones users who started using phones in their early teens.

Study by Dr. Om Gandhi explains why, children are in much bigger danger of getting a brain tumor from EMR ; Brain tumors have now taken over leukemia as the biggest cause of death amongst children.

When radiation hits the head, it penetrates the skull. The experiment done by Dr Om Gandhi back in 1997 showed how radiation penetrates the skull of an adult (25%), 10 year old (50%) and a 5 year old (75%). The younger the child the deeper the penetration due to the fact their skulls are thinner and still developing.

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