Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Mobile Tower Radiation and Plants

Thought only humans were susceptible to Cell Tower radiation? Well the situation is worst than imagined by most people. Birds, bees, plants, mammals etc which act as ecological indicators to show alterations in our ecosystem have all been affected. We all know when these are disturbed there is some major calamity associated with it.

One such example was observed recently by Prof. Girish Kumar in Gurgaon, Delhi.

"I went to the farm house near Delhi-Gurgaon toll naka, where 4 cell towers are installed. The owner of the farm house told me that the output of most of the fruit bearing trees has drastically reduced in the last 2 years. Before the towers were erected the plants beared more than a hundred fruits and there were butterflies all around. And now only one or two fruits are seen in the entire tree and butterflies have completely vanished. Also, trees in the main beam of cell tower antenna look dull and withered compared to the plants away from the tower and not in main beam of antenna"

When asked to the person concerned, he said no changes have been made in terms of maintenance of the plants. They are watered and manured the same way like before.

The picture was taken at the farm house and shows that only those plants looked dull and dried which were close to and in the main beam of the antenna. When the radiation levels were measured in the farm, the levels were as high as 0 dBm = 70,686microW/m2 = 700 times more radiation than proposed by the ICNIRP guidleine which has been adopted by the Indian govt. as safe level of radiation.

Several such cases have been seen in other parts of the world and calls for immediate steps to adopt tighter radiation norms to save humans, animals, birds, environment and mother earth.