Sunday, May 13, 2012

Jaipur - Mobile Tower Radiation - Cancer and illness - Three different societies protest

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12th May 2012:  THREE DEAD FROM CANCER - "Is it time to go to Aamir Khan for a solution?"

12th May 2012:  Shalimar Bagh - Several cancer cases and illness


13th May 2012:  
Protest against mobile towers in three different places.

Rajapark colony, Neerman Nagar, Malviya Nagar: People face severe health problems (cancer, headaches, loss of sleep, fatigue, dizziness, tiredness, miscarriages) and protest to remove cell towers

Radiation levels were measured and found to be in danger and caution zones in most places

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13th May 2012:
SIX Died from cancer and TEN people fighting with cancer. Miscarriage and other cases reported too in Mohalla Kayamkhaniyan, Jaipur

13th May 2012:
Mohalla Kayamkhaniyan - SIX Died from cancer and TEN people fighting with cancer. Miscarriage and other cases reported too.

Harmada Colony - FIVE people suffering from severe illness (cancer and severe headache and fatigue cases)

Rajapark - ONE women suffering from cancer and illness in EVERY house (severe headaches, loss of sleep, fatigue, dizziness, tiredness)

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  1. Uploader Comments ( opvermaji )
    • I used flaxseed oil to cure the symptoms i developed after being exposed to a high level microwave transmission. it has an ability to remove ionized particles from the body.
    sandy3721 1 month ago
    • Yes sandy thanks for your feedback.
    dr. om verma
    opvermaji in reply to sandy3721 1 month ago
    • dear sandy3721,
    can you give detailed information about your illness and feedback. you cav visit this link. thanks.
    dr opverma
    opvermaji in reply to sandy3721 1 month ago
    • Part 3.
    The extreme symptoms I experienced have gone. however i still get a burning irritation in my temples if I am anywhere near a microwave oven or a mobile phone. this lasts for about 30minutes initailly but still caused a tiredness for a few hours afterwards.
    sandy3721 in reply to opvermaji 1 month ago
    • Yes thanks for details. It is better to blend flaxseed oil with cottage (double quantity of oil ) some milk, nuts and fruits. recipes is follows. 1/4c Flaxseed oil (fo) ½ c organic low fat cottage cheese (cc) Fruits 2 Tbsp honey 2Tbsp of milk 2 Tblsp ground flax seeds Optional: raw nuts, cinnamon,anilla, cacao add honey and blend more. Add banana and blend more. Add the fresh ground flax seeds and just mix. Add the berries and walnut.
    opvermaji in reply to sandy3721 1 month ago
    • I am discussing your case with Prof G kumar (he is doing research on Hazards of EM radiation in India) Professor, Electrical Engineering Department I.I.T. Bombay, Powai, Mumbai - 400076, INDIA Tel. - (022) 2576 7436, Fax - (022) 2572 3707 email-
    opvermaji in reply to opvermaji 1 month ago

    • If Dr Kurmar wants to contact me directly for any more information by email
    my details are below:
    Adelaide, South Australia.
    Alex Seeley
    sandy3721 1 month ago
    • Good to hear! becasue there is no solution from doctors in Australia.
    I would recomend to anyone suffering from exposure of EMR to use linseed / flaxseed oil.
    I also used alovera juice for six months while reducing the flaxseed oil to capsul size amounts.
    I wouldnt have survived the symptoms i was experiencing without using the oil.
    thanks for your interest and research.
    Its great.
    sandy3721 1 month ago
    • Part. 2
    By chance I discovered that victims of the Russian nuclear dissaster were given linseed oil to drink. I was desperate and started drinking 1/4 to 1/2 a glass of linseed oil mixed with tomatoe juice to try and stop the constant pain.
    The burning intensified in the first 2 weeks of using the oil but then decreased gradually.
    The imediate result was the way the oil cleans out the body it seem to remove the partiicled in my body which had been either ionized or magnetised.
    sandy3721 in reply to opvermaji (Show the comment) 1 month ago
    • PAER 1.
    I was exposed to a microwave transmission from a mobile telephone tower while working on the roof of a building in 2002.
    I couldnt find a doctor with a cure for the symptoms I was experiencing.
    Basically my head had been mirowaved by electro magnetic field, causing the following symptoms:
    1.Constant pain & irritation generally.
    2.Head was sensitive when near mobile phones or microwaves - within 2m
    3. Burning sensation in the middle of my head at night time - like a welding rod.
    sandy3721 in reply to opvermaji (Show the comment) 1 month ago