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Mobile Tower Radiation Hazards and Solutions Proposed to Government - May 2012.

Mobile Tower Radiation Hazards and Solutions Proposed to Government.

Following presentation was made to Shri Milind Deora, honorable Minister of State for IT and Communication and Department of Telecommunications (DOT), India on 1 May 2012 in Delhi

Prof. Girish Kumar from IIT Bombay has written down some simple solutions to reduce radiation hazard from cell phones.

Step 1 - Convince the operators to reduce the transmitted power from current 20W/carrier to max. 1 to 2 W especially in the dense urban area.

It is very simple to implement - all they have to do is to remove the power amplifier or reduce the gain of the amplifier.

Lots of other benefits of reducing the power - cooling of the amplifier will not be required, then it may not require Air conditioner. Total power requirement will be reduced, so Diesel Generator is not required and solar panel can meet this requirement. Operators can claim carbon
credit and it truely leads to Green Telecom. You can see the attached TRAI-Green-Telecom-openho use-GKreport.pdf

Disadvantage of reducing the power - range will reduce. So people living at larger distance may have signal problem initially.
Operators have to install more number of towers or they can provide low power repeaters/boosters/signal enhancers, which will cost them more money.

Step 2 - Radiation measurements have to be done at residences, offices,schools, hospitals. If the power density level is still high (i.e,more than 0.1 to 1 milliwatts/sq.m after reduction of the transmitted power, then either towers have to be relocated or height of the towers has to be increased or direction of the antenna has to be hanged. Again, any of these steps will require additional investment.

People have to decide
1. Health versus wealth.
2. Good cell phone connectivity at the expense of health of people living near cell tower or somewhat poor connectivity for the people living at larger distance from the tower.

Mobile Tower Radiation Danger and Solutions Proposed to Government - Prof. Girish Kumar - May 2012

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