Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Jaipur- Mobile Tower Radiation : Dangers of Radiation is increasing Prof. Girish

Electromagnetic rays emitting from the thousands of mobile towers scattered across the country is dangerously increasing the health risks of public. This is the opinion expressed by Professor Girish of IIT (Mumbai) at a radiation conference in Jaipur. He said that doctors around the world are getting new cases of people suffering due to these rays. Research has been done on many cases from Mumbai. Women living near mobile towers suffered miscarriages; apart from risks of cancer people also suffer headaches, insomnia, and diminishing fertility. Research done on mice has sprung up shocking results. On basis of these researches Prof. Girish said that removal of mobile tower is not the solution but many low intensity towers can erected. Radiation from low intensity towers will be lesser. Telecom companies should win the trust of public to put up low intensity towers and also government agencies should ensure that the companies are abiding by the directions keeping radiation below the recommended level.

Appreciating the Fight Against Mobile Towers by Patrika, Prof. Girish said that the campaign started since December 2011 has made tremendous impact in creating public awareness and strengthening the fight against mobile tower radiation. It has highlighted the plight of people suffering from mobile towers.



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