Sunday, January 30, 2011

Testimony of a victim of EMF radiation:

Testimony of a victim of EMF radiation:

Munich, Germany (Name kept anonymous):

A few years ago I became aware of myself being sensitive to electromagnetic radiation.

First I felt dizzy and sick in my stomach, Then I had difficulty to fall asleep and my sleeping spans became shorter and shorter. I felt agitated and restless. My normally low blood pressure skyrocketed. My heart sometimes was racing. Doctors didn´t find anything wrong with my body and didn´t offer any cure.

I found out myself what caused my symptoms:

Emissions from celltowers nearby, also my neighbour`s digital cordless phones and wireless-lan computers with basestations and modems both radiating 24 hours a day. I asked my neighbours to use cables for the computer and the new ECO DECT phones. Most of my neighbours responded, but not all. This gave me already some relief. I often fled to the countryside where my symptoms miraculously vanished and reemerged after coming home.

In the meantime my symptoms are getting worse and include high pitched sounds in the ear (Tinnitus), joint pains, nausea, heart palpitations, short term memory loss etc. When my symptoms become unbearable I go to sleep in my car in the underground garage or in a nearby wood.

There are people who can´t work anymore in this sickening environment and are applying for their pensions as young as fourty years old. They are acknowledged as being disabled but not because of Electrohypersensitivity, but of psychic problems.

The much praised wireless revolution is creating living hell on earth for me and many of my friends. The German government does not care about the ca. 9 % electrosensitive people who are fleeing their homes to escape the antennas, as long as the majority is buying their lies about the harmlessness of microwave radiation. Studies have shown that 50% of the Germans have sleeping problems, children have sicknesses only known by elderly people in earlier generations, but any context with microwave radiation is officially denied.

I know of course that this is a global problem and India is affected as well. It is high time that people awake to this danger to life.


  1. Hellooo...

    I'm also suffering from the same problem as of you. Whenever I'm working on my system or talking on phone I used to feel a continous ringing in my ear. And alongwit this a warmth around and inside my ears. It becomes wors when I stay for long time in front of my computer.
    I am suffering with this rigning problem called tinitus.
    I'm really scared for my future.
    As I can see that you are still working somewhere which means that somehow you are tackling with this problem.
    Can you please suggest me some measures or some treatmean you have taken for this.
    Right now I am in sweden and will move back to India in couple of months.
    Your replya is higly awaited.
    Please do mail me at

  2. Fields as low as 1 mG can be dangerous if body exposure is for a long period of time. EMF Protection