Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cancer victim on Cell Tower Radiation

A cancer victim from Usha Kiran building after five cancer cases in the same building. "We are always told to give proof that we fell ill because of mobile tower radiation. We ask all of you to prove that we did not fall ill because of mobile tower radiation"


  1. hey ! neha i have liked your article . my mom is suffering from cancer ... and so was pleased to see this article that u have posted.

  2. Dear Appy,

    I am sorry to hear about it. If you want you can go through our presentation and documents for more information and create public awareness about the hazards so that operators can reduce the trasnmitted power.

    1) Report on Cell Tower Radiation by Prof. Girish Kumar sent to DOT with more than 200 references in the end -

    2) Presentation on Cell Tower Raidation Hazards by Prof. Girish Kumar, IIT Bombay -

    With regards,
    Neha Kumar /

  3. hi my mother suffered from ovarian cancer & after 1 year she is suffering from brain tumor & in are neibouhring people also are having cancer tower is on are building neha what to do

  4. Good Information Thanks